I have a true passion for fashion.  I can always appreciate the beauty in an article of clothing, even if it’s not something I could ever see myself actually wearing.  I love to follow the trends, even if they’re not necessarily my style.  Even the most outrageous outfits that come down a runway or appear on Lady Gaga I view as beautiful works of art, even if at the sme time I’m wondering  who the hell would wear that?!  But this latest trend eveyone’s touting — the big old clunky flat soled sandals — uuucckkkk!!!  I just don’ t get it.  I’ m sorry, but there is just no getting around the fact that they are just plain BUTT UGLY.  Birkenstocks gone bad.  I don’t care if they are made by Miuccia Prada or Chloe — they’re wrong.  Personally, I think the original designer must have brought them out as a joke….just to see if the fashion editors would kiss his or her butt enough to proclaim the hideous things as genius.  And they did!  And then everybody else jumped on the bandwagon so as to be on the cutting edge.  Joke’s on them.  I think any editor who’s raving about these nasty things has no business being in the fashion business.  Who do they think they’re kidding, printing raves about those ugly pieces of shoe poo?  I mean, shoes are the holy grail of fashion.  You can be wearing a plain white tee & jeans, but if you also have the most fabulous pair of shoes, then you are tres elegante.

I get the comfort thing.  It’s a sad fact of life that the most beautiful shoes are usually the most painful.  But the beauty is worth the pain, at least for a little while.  And when you just can’t stand it anymore, that s what a cute little ballet flat or chic smoking slipper is for.  Or, let’s not forget, there’s nothing wrong with going au naturel…barefoot….my own petsonal choice.  Some girls look cool in oxfords, although those will never be my style.  Athletic shoes and flip flops do have their legitimate places in the world of footwear, although personally, I believe those should always be special too.  My sneakers are polka dot or flowered and my flip flops crystal-encrusted.  Shoes should always be fantastical works of art.  Always, no matter what. 

Okay, one tiny confession — the one pair of shoes I wear most often is a worn out pair of black & white Adidas rubber sandals with a velcro strap which I stole from my 15-year-old son.  They’re ugly as hell, but I wear them every day, just to slip on for running the kids to school or taking out the trash, because they re just so comfy!  But I woudn’t be caught dead out in public in them and I couldn’ t even conceive of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on the awful things just because they re “designer.”   Never, EVER happen.  OMG, just realized that I have occasionally worn the Adidas sandals out for a walk in the neighborhood.  What if some fashion somebody spotted me & used me as their inspiration?!  Maybe I’m to blame for starting this awful ugly trend!  Yikes!  Kill me now.


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