Project Runway recap, Season 13, Episode 1

Sorry, I’m a bit late with this. Haven’t used my blog for a while…forgot my password last week & got locked out. Anyway, for anyone who hasn’t yet seen and/or rehashed the first episode:

Project Runway is here again. I am so glad they gave us a chance to miss it before starting a new season this time. Was getting a bit burned out. Personally, I have not been a huge fan of the show since it moved to Lifetime. I think it’s clear the producers are forcing the judges to make decisions based on ratings rather than true fashion sense. I long for the days of Seasons 1-4. Sigh. Anyway, even though I get mad and hate on it, I just can’t not watch. It’s Project Runway! Okay, so here is my breakdown of this week’s show and responses to the comments I’ve been reading online:

It looks like we’re off to another crazy season of WTF decisions by the judges, AGAIN! I was so confused when they started calling the list of names after the runway….I thought those were the people who should have been safe! The true best and worst were clearly ignored. Other than Amanda, I could not figure out who they were going to find out of that group to put in the top three. Sean from New Zealand and Kristine with the gray hair had the top two, in my opinion. I loved the graphic print of that black & purple dress and I personally thought her jersey separates with the neon yellow trim were amazing. Not sure why they got overlooked, unless they were maybe just a little too on-trend for what’s happening at the moment. I knew Sean would do something great, I was completely shocked by Kristine because nothing she had in her audition impressed me at all. And she had complete crap when Tim came into the workroom, so for her to have pulled off that look last-minute, was truly unbelievable to me. Her gray hair still really bugs me, but I have to say, I’m impressed.

Fade, the German is another of my faves who I thought did really well, but I couldn’t get a close enough look at the dress to see if it was actually anything really different.  Also, hated the necklace.  I really liked Alexander’s dress. I liked how he combined the two clashing prints and it looked good. IMO, so far, he and Sean will be battling it out for the win.

Two more surprises…Carrie with the purple hair made a really cool dress that was so completely different from anything she showed before, so don’t count her out. I would have picked her for the top over Sandhya and Char. I was puzzled by the judges’ dissing her audition. I really liked her clothes, but then I’ve always been a sucker for leather and draping. I guess I can see their point that it has been done before. Maybe they’ll let up on her now that she’s shown that’s not all she can do.

Samantha, the tomboy from Texas wowed me with that black outfit. I didn’t think she had any style at all and I was floored when I saw that. I think she deserved a spot in the top, too. Only thing, maybe it didn’t look very spring-y. And on further, close-up online inspection, perhaps had a few issues. But was still waaayyy better than anything I expected from her.

Speaking of which, I did like Amanda’s look. I’ve always liked Amanda, I thought she got a raw deal the last time and hated to see her go. I’m glad she’s back, I like her style. I want to be that girl, too. I’m not sure she really deserved top three. I liked it, I would definitely wear it, but it didn’t seem that different, and there were others I thought deserved it more.

Char made a very cute outfit. She has mad skills and I can tell she’s very good at what she does. That being said, her style is not for me. I found it a bit too cutesy, young and predictable. It was very well-made and I can see she will have a huge fan and customer base, but her stuff is just not my personal style. I wouldn’t have put it in the top three.

And the winner is Sandhya, who seems to be getting cast in the role of victim/judge’s pet. I don’t think she deserves either, and I hope she can rise above it. I was not a big fan of that dress, and I was surprised the judges liked it so much. I honestly thought she’d be on the bottom, but of course they have to have drama and controversy. That being said, I’m really glad she wasn’t because I loved everything she showed in her audition and I think she’ll do amazing things this season. I adore how she puts an “F-U” sense of humor into her clothes and I hope she can give that attitude right back to the haters and not let them get her down. Compared to some of the other looks,  I don’t think she deserved the win, but she does deserve credit for a point of view, putting in a lot of hard work, and making that god-awful fabric she had to work with a little less horrifying. Except for those freaky sleeves, I just don’t get that myself. But people, people…the edges were intentionally raw! Did you not see her doing that on purpose?! Stop saying it was unfinished. That’s just not true and makes you sound dumb.

Okay, so for the bottom….First of all, how the heck was Emily NOT sent home? That dress she made was awful and the styling with the necklace made it downright hideous. I was shocked to see that from her, and even more shocked the judges had nothing to say about it. She or Mitchell will be the next one out. Guaranteed.

Mitchell totally deserved to go home. Does he think he’s designing children’s wear? He clearly has no taste (just look and listen to him!) and won’t be long for this show, unless they continue keeping him around just for his combative personality, which is clearly what happened. First round to the producers.

Jefferson got screwed, but then again, he kind of screwed himself. It was a bad outfit. Really bad. Really, he and Mitchell and Emily should be off the show based just on what they made this week. But I’m sad; I didn’t want to see him go because I was intrigued by his designs in the audition and wanted to see what more he could do. Unfortunately, he just dropped the ball too soon. It sucks because he seems like a really sweet guy.

And Angela….poor Angela. I was really impressed with her audition and I think she has incredible talent. But can she overcome her own self-doubt and the scheming negativity from the other designers, like Samantha? I hope she can. She deserved another chance and I hope she gets a backbone and kicks ass.

Who’s left? Hernan disappointed me. He is one of my favorites from the audition and it looks like he could be amazing. But I was let down by what he made last night. Boring. And Kini…he does nothing for me. Blah. Looked like every middle-aged housewife on vacay in Hawaii.

Lastly, wasn’t it hilarious to see the look on Korina’s face when she got shuffled off into the safe group and then again when she found out Sandhya won?! I was not a big fan of her jumpsuit, certainly not as much as she was. She really needs to get over herself and cut out the snarkiness. Looks like we’ve already got this season’s Gretchen on our hands. Must be something in the Northwest water. Ugh. Which stinks, because I liked her designs a lot in the audition and thought she was going to be one of my faves until I got a blast of her attitude. To be honest, it seems like she’s reaching a bit with the Native American angle. She may have that ancestry, but she doesn’t show it and it seems like she was just trying to find a trendy style to pin herself to so she’d get noticed enough to get onto the show. I guess I shouldn’t judge, because I’m not Native American in the least, and I love to wear that style myself. But if that’s her thing, it certainly wasn’t shown in that iffy, boring jumpsuit. She better learn to put her designing where her mouth is and dial down the attitude if she wants to stay. Pretty girls shouldn’t be bitchy, that’s just too much.

As far as the three who got sent home before the runway, I totally agreed. I am dying for the one coat Tim showed in his portfolio, but I didn’t like anything he brought to the audition. When he said he designed for middle-aged lesbians, I almost died! He was done right then.  Nzinga makes pretty dresses, but no real woman is going to wear those out on the street unless she’s a practicing Muslim. She better just stick to her niche or learn to expand her work. Emmanuel just needs to mature a little. You’ll get there someday, don’t give up!

Well, those are my humble opinions of the show so far. You can agree or not, love me or hate me, as PR proves, controversy makes the world go round. Thanks for reading either way. Till next week!


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