That’s Just Stupid — Project Runway Recap Season 13, Episode 2

Okay, first impression of the night….Mitchell in his hoodie and tighty undies…eeewwhhh! Secondly, who the heck has Amanda been paying off or screwing for the past two years  in order to get everyone on Project Runway’s head stuck so far up her ass?

Wow…make the second challenge unconventional AND a team challenge! Way to stick it to ‘em. It’s obvious from the beginning where the problems are going to be.

I thought Sean’s concept for a Cruella de Ville coat was amazing. In execution, it was cool, but I wasn’t as impressed as everyone else seemed to be. It was kind of shapeless and bulky. Fade’s dress was by far the best thing on that team, I loved it. And I didn’t even mind Angela’s. Heidi was so mean to call her out like that – it’s like they’re just trying to break this poor girl on purpose to amp up the drama. It wasn’t a great dress, but I kind of liked the cutouts. I didn’t hate it. Everyone else did. I don’t think it was nice or true to say that she kept her team from winning though.

Team Red was screwed from the beginning. Obviously, they had major communication issues. Nobody could agree on what to do, so Sandhya said they should all do what they wanted and then try to make them cohesive. If they’d stuck to that, the outcome would have likely been the same, but at least she would have come out better herself. I adored that skirt she was making, especially with the numbers and letters on it. It was a little cheerleader, but in a good way. And obviously, the judges would have liked it too, since they adored the letters all over Kristine’s dress.

Sandhya should have stuck to her guns. Unfortunately, Hernan has the typical Latino-man syndrome we seem to see every season of questionable taste level (i.e., Sandro, Casanova). And maybe it was the language barrier, but he seemed to think cohesion meant make the same dress three times. Sandhya gave in, I guess since she knew she was safe and was tired of fighting the other two.

Carrie can complain all she likes, but all the dresses were awful and it was her own fault for deciding to just follow Hernan’s lead. She has no business trying to blame Sandhya for her own bad decisions and work. I was surprised they didn’t kick Hernan off, since it was all his idea. But again, Carrie was worse for allowing herself to just follow his lead and having no point of view of her own. And she totally sealed her fate when she called the judges stupid. Live and learn, girl.

Mitchell surprised me and redeemed himself somewhat with that disco CD dress. It was pretty cool, if you go for all that flash. Char’s was a bit of a foofy, frilly mess and Kini’s didn’t do much for me, either. They worked well together and it was cohesive, but that’s about all I can say for them. Super Barbie Prom –ha ha! I’ll give you that one, Amanda.

I do not understand how Team Green did not win. Were the judges passed out or something when their designs went down the runway? I was floored by how amazing both Alexander’s and Samantha’s dresses were. Samantha’s top and skirt were breathtaking, and then when I saw Alexander’s I actually gasped out loud. Pure genius. Pay attention, Team Red – this is cohesion done right. I don’t understand how the judges could have thought Team Silver was better than that. I even liked Emily’s, although the bulging hips weren’t great. Now I want to call the judges stupid.

And the winner… surprise here….Amanda. While she was being all fakey humble, even her own team members called for her to win. Even Korina. Shocker. I’m apparently the only person who hasn’t drunk the Amanda koolaid. When she said that they would win by making their own textiles, I didn’t realize that “making a textile” means just hanging a bunch of shit off the front of a dress. But hey, she was right, the judges loved it. I have to say, on the runway, it ended up looking a lot better than I thought it was going to. But hasn’t that been done before? I remember somebody in a past season stringing stuff together and  I am positive I’ve seen that dress on another season’s unconventional challenge, but exactly whose and what season escapes me.  And I definitely preferred Kristine’s and Korina’s looks to Amanda’s. One  of them deserved the win if it had to come from that team. Which I still don’t understand, because Team Green was soooo much better.

I think maybe the judges are just ignoring Sean and Alexander so they can “come from behind” and win later. Or maybe Carrie’s right and they’re just stupid. Sorry, not sorry, Heidi, Zac & Nina.


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