May the Force Be With Sandhya: Project Runway Recap, Season 13, Episode 3

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….Nina Garcia was somebody’s assistant and Heidi Klum had to go on auditions to get jobs.

Seeing how far those two have come since 1994 was just depressing to me. We’re roughly the same age. If only I’d had that kind of ambition back in 1994 and chosen a fashion career rather than just getting married and pregnant. I love all my kids and wouldn’t trade them for anything, but I do wish I’d maybe waited to become a mom until I had actually done something with my life. Then again, it’s probably not realistic to use that as a scapegoat for my own laziness. Sorry, I digress from the purpose of this post.

Back to the beginning…we open at Gotham West to see the designers discussing last week’s results. Hernan is still bitching about Sandhya. Sean is blaming Angela for his loss. Get over it, guys. Spilt milk.

To be honest, I was not really into this whole Star Wars themed episode.  At first, I thought this would be a really cool challenge because they’re given free rein to make anything they want. This should be the episode for them to shine and finally show what they envision the future of fashion in their own esthetic to be.

Mitchell is apparently basing his design on the melting of the polar ice caps. WTF?! I think this is just his way of trying to put a current-events spin on his beachwear. I have no idea what he’s going on about. Will it end up being interesting, or just another tacky romper?

In our first Star Wars reference of the evening, Emily’s making an Ewok hoodie. It looks interesting, but she wants to do a hood that comes off and converts to a purse. Hasn’t that been done before?

Alexander….you had me at afghan blankets. I think it will be amazing. Back at the workroom, they’re all cracking up and we’re left at commercial wondering what the heck is so funny.

We’re back… and find out that photos of themselves from 1994 are causing all the hysterical laughter. They’re all so cute, and so young. Most of them were just little kids in 1994 and I was having my first kid then. Damn, feeling so old. This episode is depressing me yet again.

Amanda in her quilt dress…GAAHHH! I wouldn’t have admitted to making that. Let’s hope Alexander’s afghan looks nothing like that.

Wow, Emily was hot!  Foxy Brown! But how did somebody so dark turn into somebody so white? I’m confused. Was it body makeup?

Everyone gets down to business and Tim comes in for his critiques. I have to say, I might like where Mitchell is going with his look. I’m a huge fan of neoprene. Tim wisely advises him not to make an ice skater skirt.

Tim’s word of the night – gimmicky. He gives that warning to Emily about her hoodie/purse and to Sandhya about her “industrial” dress. Tim’s confused by what she’s doing. We’re all confused by what she’s doing. And of course, Mitchell takes the opportunity to roll his eyes and do some more trash-talking about Sandhya. He really doesn’t like her.

Oh no, Alexander’s having uniboob issues. Looks like he’s going to have to scratch his dress and start over. I’m intrigued by the glimpse we get of Kristine’s coat. I like the look and texture of it.

Next day, Alexander’s scrambling to make something and Angela’s scrambling to finish, in her usual panic. She’s an odd mix of one minute seeming to have no idea or confidence in what she’s doing, and the next minute sure she’s making something genius. She’s bugging everyone. Sean finishes so early he decides to make a hat out of a Mood bag. Is there nothing this boy can’t do?

Okay…runway time! Our first look at the finished products:

I do like Kristine’s coat, a lot. The cut-out sleeves are cool. I like the layered look of the front of the dress, too. Not so sure about the weird thick seam and green trim on the back though.

Hernan’s got a black strappy evening gown. Yawn. So disappointed in him.

I love Mitchell’s scuba suit! So glad he took Tim’s advice and made pants instead of a skirt. I think it’s very cool. Yes, surfer girls of the future will want to wear this. Wish I had the body to wear it.

Amanda’s look does nothing for me. She sure does like people to have a lot of straps & strings on top, and not much else. Next.

Poor Angela’s suit is dull, too short and sad. Not much else to say about that.

The judges love Emily’s jumpsuit and hoodie. Zac Posen actually whoops like the model ‘s hotness has turned him straight. I think it looks great. I especially love the cool way the hoodie unsnaps and pulls off in one smooth movement. And doesn’t make a purse, thank God and Tim Gunn.

Samantha’s futuristic schoolgirl makes Nina smile. Wow, that’s rare. I think this look is going to be on top. Love the jacket.

I liked Kini’s look with the cape when she first walked out. I didn’t like that open-shouldered blouse with the big bow underneath. A bit tacky. And all together, it just seems too much.

I love the print on Fade’s separates. It’s really cool. I’m not a fan of that particular silhouette myself, boxy and cropped pants aren’t really my thing, I’m too short. But I think it looks fabulous on the model.

I cannot tell if the judges love or hate Sean’s look. I cannot tell if I love or hate it. In a way, it looks sophisticated. Then again, it kind of looks a mess.

I thought Char’s outfit was perfection from the front. I loved the way the top came down and then blended in with the black on the top of the pants. I thought the back of the top with all the cut-outs was maybe a bit too much. Nina looks unimpressed. And she usually loves a great pair of pants. This does not bode well for Char.

I don’t know what Korina’s look is supposed to be. None of those pieces look like they go together.

And oh no, Alexander’s dress is not at all what I had hoped. When he said afghan, I was picturing something colorful and crocheted. This is shapeless, baggy and ugly. I do like the juxtaposition of the fabric with the leather, but I don’t like the silhouette at all.

And we finish up with Sandhya’s crazy dress. I don’t know how I feel about those drainpipe things sticking out of the dress. I would never wear this. Would anybody? It’s very different though, so could work to her advantage like in the first challenge.

My predictions for top at this point are Samantha and Emily. And maybe Mitchell, Kristine or Char.

Heidi dismisses everyone who’s safe and calls out Amanda for trying to slide by with her crap. Good, at least it’s not just Angela who’s getting dumped on in front of everyone. And once again they’ve overlooked the one person who deserved to be praised. I felt Samantha  had the best look of the night and it didn’t even get mentioned. She’s becoming my new favorite to win, but only if the judges open their eyes for a change.

We’re left with Sean, Kristine, Alexander, Emily, Sandhya and Angela. It’s clear that Angela’s going to be on the bottom and Emily on top. The rest I’m not so sure about. I’m pretty sure Alexander has blown it, and maybe the judges did like Sean’s? I’m surprised he’s here for either end. It’s a toss-up for me as to which way Kristine and Sandhya will go. Never can tell with these crazy-ass judges.

On to the judging, Of course, they hate Angela’s suit. No surprise there, she may as well be packing her bags already and she knows it. Zac says it looks like she could be Obi Wan Kenobi’s manicurist (Star Wars reference #2) and Sean cannot hide his glee.

If you ask me, Sandhya’s dress looks more Star Wars costume than anything. Even the makeup is completely Queen Amidala, right? But of course, the judges LOVE it. Should have known. Nina hated Angela’s pink, but loves Sandhya’s. Heidi’s the only one who’s not so sure. Zac admits it’s weird, but he thinks in a good way. Sean is now looking really pissed.

Everyone likes Emily’s jumpsuit and hoodie, though for some reason now they don’t like the Star Wars reference and tell her not to call it Ewok. WTF, I thought that was the theme tonight?

Alexander tries to play the “raised by single mom” card but it doesn’t help. He gets called out even worse than I had feared. It’s an old rag, a maternity mop and a potato sack. Flintstones, says Anne Fulenwider. Nina does her one better with Planet of the Apes.  Oh dear. I wish he’d have stuck with the original top he was making. I agree that this fabric is not good, though. To me, afghan means soft and colorful. This does look like an old horse blanket.

I’m surprised at first that Sean’s on the bottom. They really don’t like anything about his look. After I see it more close up and hear their comments though, I get it. That’s what was bugging me on the runway. It is all wrinkly and just not very well put together. Shame. Zac tries to stick up for it. When Anne Fulenwider says she doesn’t know anyone who would wear it, Zac said he feels that he’s seen her in that look at fashion shows. Burn! She is not amused.

In the green room Angela is crying because she knows she’s going home. Everybody knows this. All I can say is, thank God she was still there to send home, otherwise Sean or Alexander would have gone and we can’t have that.

It’s clear when the judges do their close-up critique of the garments that Sandhya is going to win. They just can’t get enough of it. And of course, she does win. She’s very grateful and Korina and Mitchell, as usual, can’t hide their shock and disgust when she comes back as the winner.

I did not care for this episode much. Like in the first challenge, I am impressed with the detail and creativity in Sandhya’s dress, but I did not like the look overall. I don’t appreciate when the judges pick something to win that nobody would ever wear.

I also can’t stand the way they always have the judges just ignore the best looks. And I really didn’t see anything on this runway that excited or amazed me. Plus, I just have really never cared for Star Wars. I’m probably the only person on earth who fell asleep in the theater during that movie, and never saw any of the sequels.

Hope next week is better. Looks like it’s going to be a doozy if they have to create something out of those godawful prom tuxes. Good luck, designers!


2 thoughts on “May the Force Be With Sandhya: Project Runway Recap, Season 13, Episode 3

  1. Thank you for a thoughtful recap. I’m obsessed with Project Runway. This season is so far turning out to be extremely wierd, and scripted to match up with the other goofy Lifetime Reality shows. Apparently the new thing is to call out one designer, without actually putting them at the bottom. Is this shaming for no reason, or, possibly in response to contestant feedback over the years that being in the middle has always meant no feedback? It just seems mean so far. Even when I agree. I’m sensing a lot of setup for fake drama and towards the end, we’ll see the people who aren’t getting much air time at all move to the forefront. In for the long run: Samantha (I hope!), Char, Sandhya. I’m not sure what to make of this season’s designers commenting so much on “what the judges want” versus “what they design.” This goofy show is interesting only when it focuses on the creative process and the design skills. I am hopeful that we will see more discussion of fabric choice, and fashion. I can do without the bogus workroom cliques.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much for your insightful comments, Pam! I totally agree. I liked the show so much better in the beginning when it focused more on the designers’ work process and ideas and less on silly drama. This season has been weird and is getting weirder. I hope you’ll read my recap of the new episode. I’m a bit late getting it up because I just wasn’t inspired enough by last night’s show to stay up after to write it. I’m rooting for Samantha and Sandhya, too, although I’m also partial to Alexander and Sean, even after last night. I wish they would cut out all the fake drama too, and get back to what this show is supposed to be about. Thanks so much for reading my blog and for your kind words! Come back anytime!


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