Ugly with a Capital V…or, Sandhya’s Revenge: Project Runway Recap, Season 13, Episode 4

I don’t even know where to start this week. Sigh. I was so unexcited and at the same time discombobulated by the show last night that I couldn’t even wrap my head around it enough to write. First off, I have come to the conclusion that apparently even I, who cannot sew a single stitch, could win a challenge on Project Runway, since apparently all you have to do is hang a bunch of strings off the front of your garment. Voila! Fashion! At least in the eyes of these judges, who perhaps need to be advised to schedule examinations for glaucoma.

I mean, really. I am a hippie at heart, and I love Haute Hippie. Or hot hippie. Amanda’s dress was neither, and I can’t imagine anyone would be caught dead in it. Except, apparently, Heidi, who let’s face it, is always a bit hit and miss with her taste. Ugh. It looked like Holly Hobbie was going clubbing. The two distinct styles of patchwork and fringe just do not go together, at least not well, and not in this dress. I cannot even begin to imagine how they liked it. When they called her name as one of the final six, I was one hundred percent convinced she was on the bottom. Even Tim Gunn was nodding his head when Heidi was saying how great it was. Come on! They must have dubbed that in from some other show. I expect more from him, at least.

Poor Kini totally got screwed out of a win by that abomination. Now, I wasn’t the biggest fan of his look either, but it was definitely better than Amanda’s. I agree that Kini did a brilliant job of making that suit into something spectacularly wearable. It was a great dress, beautifully made and fitted. It just isn’t my particular taste. I don’t care for those cutouts on the sides, because let’s face it, no woman other than a model could wear that. It just wasn’t my taste & nothing I would ever wear, but it probably met the challenge best of any of them and he really should have won. He was grinning like a fool the whole time because he was so sure he did. I don’t know how he managed to suck it up when he got dissed, but to his credit, he was quite gracious.

If I had to pick a winner from the top six, it would have been Alexander. I like what he did with the black and white. The diagonal collar was really cool. I wasn’t super-excited or awestruck by it, but it was pretty and different and I think more creative and fashionable than anything else up there.

I also actually really liked Kristine’s look until I saw the pants close-up. I thought the jacket with the combination of all the different fabrics was great. And I liked the idea of the pants, although the execution was obviously a bit lacking. Overall, though, I thought the look of the outfit was totally cool and I would have put her over Amanda any day.

My personal favorite was Sandhya. I LOVED it! And I thought for sure she was going to have another winner. I can’t believe they overlooked it. All I can think is they just didn’t want to be seen as playing her for too big of a favorite, maybe? The top was gorgeous with that painted effect she did. It was a lot of look, and I’m not sure I’d have the guts to wear it, but maybe. Anyway, I thought it was amazing to look at. A work of art. Am I alone in this, people? I thought it was the best thing she’s made yet, except for that silver cheerleader skirt they didn’t let her finish.

I was concerned during her critique because it looked at first like she was just doing some kind of patchwork mess like Amanda did. And then when she started talking about printing mustaches all over it, I was freaked! Especially when she was holding it right in front of the crotch! I could already hear the judges gearing up for hairy pussy references in my head. Thankfully, she didn’t go there. I liked the way the skirt ended up. It wasn’t too crafty-looking (Amanda) and the mustache cutouts were kind of cute and not as overwhelming as I had feared. Sandhya’s outfit was the only thing on the runway last night that excited me at all. The rest were pretty much a big yawn.

I did like Fade’s dress. I thought it was really cool how he put together that awful fabric and made it into something cool-looking. I would totally wear that dress. If I had picked the top three, I would have put Sandhya, Fade and Alexander up there.

Samantha disappointed me because I did not see anything interesting in her black garment. Maybe I missed the details. I can’t always see that well and I was about half asleep by that point.

If you ask me, Char is a one-trick pony. Every top she makes is drapey and backless. I didn’t think throwing in that weird stand-uppy collar or the big dumb bow helped any.

Korina’s jacket was good too, but her overall look wasn’t as strong as Kristine’s. I thought the skirt was too long, and it just looked like she tried too hard to put together “a look.” She was about to blow a gasket when she found out they were both making a motorcycle jacket. No wonder, she knows she’s no competition for Kristine.

I don’t understand what Emily made. I’m a sucker for plaid, so I thought I would really like it. But something about the pants under the skirt just didn’t look right. The proportions were off. Not a fan.

Mitchell! First of all, his reaction to getting that awful suit was hilarious. That’s what he gets for being so snarky to Sandhya all the time! He said, “She must think I look like a hobo in a cheap suit.” Exactly. That pretty much describes you to a T, Mitchell! Actually, what he turned that ugly suit into was kind of genius. It certainly was a complete 180. But it was too short, too shiny, too tacky. In other words, perfectly Mitchell. When I saw him trying to look up the model’s skirt, I thought that’s who the judges were going to call “Super Vagina.” But that was before I saw Hernan’s on the runway.

Speaking of Hernan….sheesh! What was up with that big “V” on the front of that dress? And the high-low skirt thing….OMG. To be honest, when it came down the runway and he said it looked a lot better than he ever expected it to be, I agreed. Considering the mess it was in the workroom, it’s pretty impressive that he actually sent a complete dress down the runway. But what a dress. Ugly with a capital V. I think it was Heidi who wondered why, when you’re already starting with that disgusting fabric, would you pick vinyl to add to it?  Exactly. Could he have made a worse choice?

I thought I was going to like Hernan based on his audition. I liked him less and less during the show. First he bullied Sandhya and Carrie. Then he was the king of excuses, blaming Sandhya and his ugly suit for the disaster he made. And worst of all, he never once during the entire show made anything good. Unforgivable. He was so full of himself. Saying that Sandhya gave him that nasty suit because she was scared of him being her competition. Puh-leeze. He wasn’t even competition for Mitchell. She gave him that ugly-ass suit because he was always a dick to her. She said it herself, maybe that would teach him not to cross her. She definitely got her revenge. Glad to see him go. The only thing I have agreed with the judges on is who they’ve been sending home.

So what happened to Sean this week? Can only shake my head. I think his idea of deconstructing the suit was a good one, but that was just a mess he made. I like weird things and I didn’t like it. I think the color was what made it so bad. Nina said it looked like bandages….LMAO! And then when he tried to explain to the judges that he left it raw intentionally….look out! You do not wish to piss off Heidi Klum! I think we know what deconstruction means, she said, “This is not our first day here.” Yikes! Heed this warning for the future, contestants:  Heidi does not like to be instructed.

 Looks like next week they annoy her so much she sends two people home! Now that should be interesting. Let’s hope so, because this week really wasn’t. I couldn’t even stay awake and had to keep replaying when I dozed off.

And finally, this episode has left me wondering this eternal question…What the f**k did any of that have to do with hamburgers?! Why the hell were they at Red Robin?! That made absolutely no sense at all. Had not even the slightest connection with the challenge. Seems like this show has sunk down to only being about product placement and ad revenues. Sad. 

Altuzarra Fall 2014 — very similar to Sean’s right?


9 thoughts on “Ugly with a Capital V…or, Sandhya’s Revenge: Project Runway Recap, Season 13, Episode 4

  1. A couple more thoughts about the episode just came to me today: Number one, don’t you think Amanda’s dress was very similar to that awful quilt-thing she made & was wearing in the 1994 pic last week? It’s pretty much the same dress, just with fringe added.

    And number two: I just saw a pic in Lucky magazine of an Altuzarra runway look that was amazingly similar to that dress Sean made. Only it had more color in it. So yes, I reaffirm the opinion that if Sean had had a different fabric to work with, and not something that looked like surgical dressing, he might not have come out of that so badly.

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  2. Thank you for this critique. I don’t always agree with everything but I do like to learn from other people’s point of view. I was thinking Sandhya picked that ivory (or white?) thing for Hernan because his portfolio shows all sorts of variations on black/white, he would need a lot of fabric to make a either a flowy thing or a structured thing, and with that giant suit he had it. Everyone’s fabric was horrible, so to complain about white polyester double knit seemed petty. He surely had the fabric to pull a design out of his runway shows and go with it in white rather than black.

    Of course if I had been ugly fabric person, I might have looked for fabric paint at Mood, and done some hand-painting or dry brushing of a nice iridescent on any one of the blue, ivory, or mustard colors. No one has ever said the designers are limited to only fabric at Mood. They can buy anything there.

    Oh well, in one day the pressure must be intense. Hernan’s true colors showed, he clearly hates finding out that he hasn’t got the creativity and drive to compete. One other thing – on the spoiler for episode 5? I’m thinking no one screwed up, its just that Lifetime does not control the media of the entire world. Perhaps the refusal to go along with the traditional respect for the reality show, by showing the winning dress, is just a nod to the fact that anyone who doesn’t watch the Emmys or at least scan the press for the red carpet looks doesn’t appreciate fashion or reality TV well enough to deserve that imaginary black out. Project Runway is not live, its for fun. Let us not expect the entire world to care whether there are spoilers. Life is full of those no matter what.

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    • You have a great point of view, Pam. I appreciate seeing things through someone else’s eyes. You may be right about Sandhya’s choice for Hernan. It does seem like she was being thoughtful about which suits she handed out, and he does do a lot of black & white, so maybe she wasn’t actually being vengeful. And yes, everyone’s suit was awful, so nobody should claim anyone else had an unfair advantage. And she took one of the worst ones for herself!

      I too wonder why they didn’t make better choices at Mood. Sandhya was the only one who used paint and interesting techniques to transform her fabric. Maybe the rest of them should try being a bit more creative, like she is. But yes, I can only imagine the pressure of the time-crunch they’re under. It may be too scary for a lot of people to attempt something like dying or painting when they could end up ruining their fabric altogether.

      You’re also right about the media being the ones who put out that spoiler alert. I was just shocked because the first place I saw it was on Heidi’s Facebook page (although I think that originated on Instagram) and I couldn’t believe she wouldn’t know better. And who knows? Maybe they’ve fooled us all and it won’t turn out to be a spoiler after all. Could be completely unrelated to next week’s challenge that Sean made that dress for her. I’m pretty sure people have won those types of challenges before and then in the end not had their dress be worn by the celebrity who was supposed to wear it.

      Thanks for your wonderful comments, Pam! I enjoy reading what you have to say.


  3. I love everything you wrote ! I was a hippie and I wouldn’t have worn in 1969 (17) & I wouldn’t wear it now – I love Sandhya! Her designs I’d wear! And boy was I glad she stood up & I really didn’t get why the cast was/is so catty about her – she’s creative talented & stands by her designs – plus she was the only one this week to even think of Red Robin in her design – Amanda got a pity win!

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    • Thanks so much! I think you’re one hundred percent right about Sandhya. I love her. Even when she makes things I wouldn’t wear, she still is so creative and fashion-forward. Everyone hating on her just doesn’t know much about true fashion, IMO. Then again, it’s a very subjective thing and nobody will ever like or wear the same things as everybody else. At least I hope not, because that would be so boring! I don’t know if I would call Amanda’s win a pity win…what should she be pitied for? Seems like she has the judges all wrapped around her little finger. But I just can’t figure out why. SMH over this.

      Thanks so much for reading & commenting. I love it! Great to hear from you!


    • You’re so right! They do seem particularly mean this year, especially Heidi. I have noticed during past seasons, too, that the judges on the show end up with dresses in their collections that look an awful lot like what contestants have made on the show. Michael Kors even did a version of those awful granny panties of Gretchen’s I think! Thanks for reading & commenting! Come back for next week’s recap.

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