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So here is my Outfit of the Day. Stalked this great crop top at Target until it finally went on clearance for about $12. Wasn’t sure if I was too old for the sparkles & crop top, but I loved the print so much that I had to have it. And the crop top works as long I stick to high-waisted pants and skirts. The only thing I couldn’t make up my mind about was that only size XL was left and I was worried about the armholes. A lot of times when you go over a size Medium there, the armholes, for some reason, get really huge, which I hate. Note to Target:  Knock it off with the huge armholes! Just because some of us are large-chested does not mean our arms are big & flabby too! I find it offensive that they would assume that. Anyway, this one worked out okay.

I love it with this Calvin Klein skirt I picked up on clearance at Ross for only $14. It’s made of that athletic mesh that I’ve been obsessing over for months, which you can see better in the close-up. I’ve been wearing this outfit with my 20-year-old (no kidding) Dr. Scholl clogs. I bought these because I once met a friend’s girlfriend in Vegas who looked like a model and had that ultimate uber-cool style going on, and she was wearing these. They’re my go-to pair when nothing else seems to work. One tip though, do not wear them for a day-trip to Magic Mountain. Ended up with blisters so bad I had to spend the rest of the day barefoot!

Next time I want to wear this and have a lot of walking to do, I’ll go with my old fall-back of Adidas black & white flip flop slides, similar to these: 


Yes, I have called these ugly in previous posts and sworn never to wear them in public, but since I have recently seen street-style photos in numerous fashion magazines of girls wearing these with super-stylish outfits, I have decided it must be okay. And you sure can’t beat the comfort of them.

When the weather gets cooler, i  plan to wear the top with these M Missoni pants I picked up for a song at TJ Maxx:


They have a great sheen to them, and the waist ties into a bow, which I tried to show in the close-up, but they’re very wrinkly. Definitely need to work on my photography skills! I’m embarrassed when I see how nice other folks’ blogs look.


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