Update on Half Million Dollar Closet Robber

Update from the Daily Mail:  “Owner of raided luxury ‘she cave’ admits some things are ‘costume’ goods after supposed thief complained to local paper that her items are worthless.”

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2727594/Owner-raided-luxury-cave-admits-things-costume-goods-supposed-thief-complained-local-paper-items-worthless.html#ixzz3Ao45kSbs


So basically, if you read the entire story, this thief is complaining that some of the things he stole are not worth much. SMH…so he’s the victim because he doesn’t have enough fashion sense to know what is designer and what isn’t? Because he didn’t make enough money from the things he STOLE?! Give me a break. Serves him right.

Quote from Mrs. Roemer:  “Well, you know, if you walk into any one woman’s closet there’s gonna be valuable things, and there’s gonna be costume things, and there’s gonna be vintage things. It’s like any person’s closet. You mix and match. In my closet, I have a Donna Karan dress next to one from the Gap. My stylist had some vintage jewelry there from back in the ’60s. Not everything is a million-dollar design.”

Good for her! Nice to know in some ways she’s just like us. That poor excuse for a person who robbed her actually tried to blackmail her into not ‘outing’ her to the press. What a scumbag. Shame on you!


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