The Klum of Doom: Project Runway Recap, Season 13, Episode 5

The Klum of Doom! Love that title. The perfect name for her.

So did it dull the excitement any for you to go into this week knowing already who had won? I was completely shocked when I saw Heidi’s post last week of her wearing Sean’s dress. I thought somebody had screwed up big time with that spoiler alert. But then after so many people complained, Tim explained that they were fully aware of the spoiler, but they thought the publicity Sean would gain from Heidi being photographed in his dress at the Emmys was just too big to pass up, so they did it for Sean.

And I’m glad they did. It proves they actually care more about the fashion and the designers than just their ratings. At least this time. Like I said before, I wasn’t really upset about it, just surprised. Since we still didn’t know who went home, or anything that happened leading up to it, it didn’t really spoil the show at all.

First thought of the night:  I love Fade’s t-shirt. Fade, please, please make me one! Whatever happens on this show, he is going to be a very successful designer.

Heidi says her red carpet look needs to blend the designer’s point of view with her sense of style, so Amanda should have this in the bag, right? Wonder how Sean wins? Then she says she doesn’t want to end up on the worst-dressed list. Oh. Never mind. That’s why Amanda doesn’t win.

Samantha doesn’t do eveningwear, so she’s afraid she’s going home. Alexander feels this challenge will separate the weak designers from the strong designers. I agree. Just based on past performance and my overall impression and instinct, my initial predictions are that Emily and Mitchell will be going home. Or maybe Korina or Kini.

Ha ha!!  Tim emphasizes to Mitchell that the look needs to be elegant and sophisticated. Yep, he’s going to have some trouble here.

Amanda says that immunity is the time to experiment, so she’s making a floor-length gown in a sporty shape that’s beaded & metallic…..or something. In other words, exactly what she always makes.

Then it’s off to Mood. We get our first glimpse of Sean’s beautiful electric blue color. Love it. Sandhya connects Heidi with a peacock. Apt, I think. Everyone else gets their fabrics, so bye, Swatch!

Back in the workroom, Korina decides to snoop around to see what everyone else is making. Kini’s talking about sequins…hmmm….and is already done after, like, five minutes. Damn, that boy can really sew! He asks the snooping Korina what she’s doing, and she rather snidely says, “Not what you’re doing, Kini.” She thinks everyone’s black fabric is sad. She will live to regret those words.

Mitchell is making something red with a lot of black sequins, but he doesn’t want it to look “hooker.” Good luck with that.

Thoughts during commercial break….wow, Aldo has some really cute boots! Shopping time!

After the break, the designers are grabbing a bite and feeling really nervous about Heidi’s upcoming critique. I don’t blame them. I can’t even imagine….I’d be scared to death to face Heidi as a designer. Mitchell is admiring the refrigerator. Perhaps he’d better get to work.

And here they come….Heidi likes Samantha’s black lacy top. I do, too. They wonder how she’s going to complete the look. Tim makes the most important warning of the night (or ever on the show): Don’t bore Heidi!

They’re impressed that Kini’s already done, but then tell him he’s really not, because he has to fix the seams on the front. That shouldn’t be difficult for him. It’s a pretty dress, but it doesn’t have that wow factor for me. Heidi isn’t exactly wow-ing either. I’d be worried about that if I was Kini.

I love the color and the look Alexander is going for. Heidi and Tim seem to like it, too. Heidi makes Tim giggle by saying “crack.” Mitchell says Alexander’s look is a “hot tranny mess.” Wait…is he looking in a mirror?

Heidi says Emily has made a very good start with her asymmetrical sequined lapel. Not sure how I feel about that. Personally, I think sequins can very easily skew cheap.

Amanda is making a “gigantic beaded bib” in Heidi’s words. But then she also thinks it’s elegant but funky. I don’t like it. Samantha says what we’ve all been thinking for weeks:  “I have no idea why they love Amanda so much.” Why? That is the eternal question.

Of course, Sean’s is already beautiful, although he’s not done. I didn’t realize from the photos online beforehand that it had black fringes at the bottom and underneath. Love it even more now.

Heidi’s concerned about Char’s print looking like cruisewear. I’m not crazy about it.

She calls Fade’s “a little drab.” I don’t agree. I really like the stripes and the shape. It’s pretty. Maybe not the best color to be noticed in, though.

Heidi likes Mitchell’s red, but not the sequins or devil horns. Yes, sequins and devil horns. That sums up his look. Even he says it’s terrible.

And then Sandhya. What is she doing this week? Heidi says she’s channeling Dynasty. Sandhya’s never heard of Dynasty (probably wasn’t born yet) and doesn’t know if that’s good or bad. Heidi says it’s not good and she doesn’t even know how to change it. Poor Sandhya is left speechless without even a suggestion on how to improve. Whoa.

Heidi thinks Kristine’s looks like a bedsheet. I didn’t think when she said gray that it was going to be a wise choice. She believes she’s screwed. Uh huh.

Korina’s green dress is “sad.” Told you, karma, biatch. Heidi is offended that Korina thought that color was her. She says it looks like a Lodenjacke, which apparently means a German hunter, although he looks like a birdwatcher to me. She also hates the snakeskin, which was the one thing I thought might be kind of cool. Heidi sternly tells Korina not to start crying about it, but she does. She has to leave the room and commiserates with Kristine, who agrees that they’re both f*cked. At this point, I think these are the two who will be sent home.  Although maybe Sandhya….they had nothing good to say about hers. But they’ve liked her so much in the past that it just might save her.

Almost everyone in the workroom is left depressed and shaking their heads with a “make it work” moment. My, Heidi, you’re such a ray of sunshine! Klum of Doom strikes again.

Thoughts during commercial break…OMG!!! Did you see that Red Robin commercial? Where she lopped the top off that pineapple with a sword & some guy shrieks off camera & she says, “It’s to die for.”  Double OMG!!! I cannot believe they aired that. Such colossally bad timing & bad taste. I can’t stop shaking my head. Honestly, this is what I’m still thinking about after the show. Damn.

Sorry, back to the show. Heidi feels so sorry for everyone (actually so scared that she’ll have to wear a hideous dress) that they’re going back to Mood. Anyone who chooses can go and buy more fabric. Everyone does, except Kini, Sean, Alexander, Emily and Amanda. Sandhya sneakily goes and gets all the money from the designers who aren’t going back, so she ends up with a wad of cash to spend and buys super-expensive fabric. Mitchell thinks that’s selfish, but really it was just smart. Like Char said, “Go, girl!”

Wait…why is everyone except Sandhya buying more of the exact same fabric they already had? They’re getting a chance to start over and they’re making the same thing again? What is wrong with them? Korina thinks she has chosen a better, emerald green, but to me it looks almost exactly the same. WTF are they thinking?

Back in the workroom, Emily is bitching that it’s not fair the others got to go back to Mood and get to start over. Well, she could have, too. And she’ll soon see that starting over is hardly a blessing.

The models are here, but a lot of folks have nothing to fit. Sean’s model loves it, of course. Kini’s dress looks good. What is Amanda’s model wearing? Did she start over?  Oh…it’s just inside out. Fade’s looks completely amazing with the long floaty skirt. I love it. Sandhya has gorgeous fabric that she is very happy with. Kristine, Mitchell and Korina are still struggling and have nothing done. At this point, I’m thinking it’ll be Mitchell and Korina going home.

After the break, many are still struggling to even finish something before Tim calls them to the runway. Kristine’s is scary-looking. Amanda’s actually looks a lot better since she changed the neckline. It’s not awful. Sandhya’s is very pretty. Kini is sure he’s won again. Emily’s is way too tight and short…hoochie mama. Oops, Alexander cut his back way too short. What the heck happened? Thought I was going to love it, but I don’t like it anymore. Korina’s is just an ugly mess…prom  dress gone bad. Mitchell’s not even done, but Tim says he has to go. It’s really, really bad. Yep, still say Mitchell and Korina are history.

In the preview before the break, they try to make it look like Nina is calling Sean out for looking amateur hour and show him hanging his head. Ahhh, very tricky, producers, but we know better than that!

On to the runway……Heidi admits that it’s not exactly anonymous this week. Char has scrapped her print and made a bold blue gown…hmmm….same color as Sean’s….coincidence? It’s okay, but I’m not really impressed by the drapey front, long flowy train or ruched bodice. Next.

Emily’s is sooo hoochie. But Heidi’s smiling. She does kind of like hoochie. Could be a winner, but I don’t like it. Guest judge Lindsey Vonn looks perplexed, so she must not, either.

The look on Zac Posen’s face when Mitchell’s dress hits the runway…priceless!  LMAO! Mitchell says it’s not so bad….but yeah, it is. Heidi says later that it hurts her eyes. And Nina thinks she looks like a Christmas ornament.

And then they follow that mess with Korina’s godawful creation. This is starting to look like Project Runway for Dummies. Cringing. Lindsey Vonn is clearly wondering if she’s being punked. Later, the judges call it a boring, simple, mother of the bride’s dress and a disaster. She tries to tell Heidi the green is different, but Heidi doesn’t see it either. Even Korina admits she wouldn’t wear it.

Fade’s is nice, but I would have liked it better if the skirt had been long in front and back. Why does everyone want to do that high-low thing all the time? It’s starting to bug me.

Alexander’s…oh my! I do love what he did with the fabric, but I don’t like the way it hangs down in a point in the front and the back is soooo short. Heidi is giggling about seeing butt cheeks. Fail, dude.

Sandhya’s model looks like she can barely move. And she looks pissed about it. What’s up with that? It’s a beautiful dress, but honestly, all the interest is due to the fabric, not the design. It looks very simple, just pretty & sparkly.

I don’t like Samantha’s either. Why all this plain black all the time? And I don’t like that tail hanging off of it. Again, why do they all keep staggering the hemlines?  Make it short or long, not both. That’s really getting old.

Eeewwhh. Kristine’s is too sad for words. Zac is just biting his tongue. Nobody has anything good to say about it during the critique, not even Kristine.

Kini’s dress is beautiful. And perfectly made. It really is. We finally see a smile from Ms. Vonn. She’s not in the wrong place, after all. On closer inspection, I really do love it much more than I thought. It really couldn’t be any better. I’m a color girl though…not a huge fan of all black. If it had been in a bold color, he might’ve won.

But then we see Sean’s. Drop. Dead. Gorgeous. And it’s not black, thank God! Now, this boy’s been paying attention the past few weeks. When it was time to make a dress for Heidi, he knew to use fringe, since she’s been raving about it all over Amanda’s crap for weeks. Now, that’s smart. It didn’t look the most flattering on Heidi in the photos from the Emmys. But I think it was mostly just the way she was posed. It’s a stunning dress. I have a top with ombre purple and blue fringe kind of like that on the front & I love it. It’s too fun to wear something swingy!

Amanda’s dress is okay. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it. The back is really quite beautiful. I wish she hadn’t continued with that stripe of beading down the front. Zac at least calls her out a bit. Says the “beaded curtain” gives him an allergic reaction. But overall, they like it.

Of course, we already know the bottom three and the winner. Who else makes it to the top? Kini, of course, because his dress is perfect, and Amanda, of course, because she’s Amanda.

In the end, Heidi tries to trick us by telling Sean he’s in, and I’m having a WTF moment. But then she quickly says, “And you are the winner of this challenge,” which is really mean, because poor Kini had a moment of joy and then almost cried. Second place again. I agree with the decision, but it doesn’t really seem fair to him.

And then what the heck happens? I knew Mitchell was going home. I’m not surprised Kristine did. At that point, I really thought they were going to get rid of all three. But then they kept Korina. WHY??? Her dress was clearly the worst of the three. The hem was cut all raggedy and the freaking zipper was sticking out. And it had no design at all. The other two dresses were bad, but they were not as awful as hers. How on earth did she make it and they didn’t? I totally do not get it. Guess it helps to look pouty & pretty, but this is wrong. Sigh.

Next week looks like a partner challenge…..that should be fun! I see some interesting designs, but the judges don’t seem happy. And of course, there will be tension in the workroom! Looks like Amanda & Korina may not be such buddies after this. Can’t wait!

One final after-show thought…what happened to Amanda de Cadenet? Canceled already? Not surprised. That was a terrible show. Even worse than Austin & Santino.

What did you guys think of this week’s episode? Did Kini get screwed again? Did you love the fringe this time? If you were Heidi, would you wear it? Would you have let Korina stay? I’d love to hear from you, please comment.


3 thoughts on “The Klum of Doom: Project Runway Recap, Season 13, Episode 5

  1. So glad someone on the recap site mentioned your blog. Yours is a fun read! And I completely agree with you about the Amanda de Cadenet show. Basically all she said for 30 minutes was “this show is LIVE” when it reality it was so very dead 🙂 Looking forward to your next recap.

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  2. BTW…an update, folks. Red Robin has informed me that they are no longer airing that commercial. Good for them. Nice to see a response and some respect for the family shown. I don’t normally complain or get offended by stuff like that, was just the bad timing of it that shocked me. Props to Red Robin.


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