Best Emmy Dresses of 2014

Ok, so this is going to be controversial, so let me start out by saying this is ONLY MY OPINION and I don’t expect anyone to agree with it, but it’s my blog, so here’s what I think. First of all, the best word to describe the Emmys for me is BORING, and that goes for both the awards and the fashions. I don’t usually even watch many awards shows because I don’t get a big thrill out of watching people I don’t know win awards for things I mostly don’t watch. Seems to me, the same shows, actors and actresses win every year, so what is the point? Nobody had to watch to know that Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston were going to win again. Yawn. I’m sure it was a great show, the few episodes I’ve seen were intriguing, but I haven’t watched the whole series yet because I can’t %*^&*^%*! find my DVDs. But still, makes for a dull show when you already know who’s obviously going to win. Thank God that show is over so we can see something different next year.

IMO, the whole thing is a joke because some of the best shows and actors just get ignored. Where is the Walking Dead? Where is Norman Reedus? I’m sorry, Breaking Bad, OITNB and Downton Abbey are all fabulous, I’m sure, (although I’ve only really watched DA) but I cannot comprehend that there is any better acting occurring on television than on the Walking Dead. It’s had its ups and downs, but this past season was just phenomenal. I don’t understand how they could just ignore it. Shame on the academy of whatever decides these things. They must be zombies. 

Anyway…on to the fashion, which is all I really care about. I watched some of the live red carpet. I have reviewed most of the looks online. And frankly, for the most part, these do not impress me, either. Doesn’t anyone take fashion risks anymore? Why do they all want to wear the same old boring prom dresses? Has Joan Rivers frightened everyone so much that they’re afraid not to look just like everyone else? I mean, most of these ladies were beautiful…how could they not be, whatever they wore? But the majority of the dresses, although pretty enough, were bland, basic, boring, blah. I mean, they were so dull that the reporters didn’t even bother to find out who designed them. This is how the text reads on the Emmy round-up photos on the In Style website: “Halle Berry in a purple gown.” “Kristen Wiig in a white gown.” LOL!! Nobody even cares who designed them because they look like the same thing they always wear every year.

And an awful lot of them looked wrinkly, cheap and ill-fitting, too. Yes, I’m looking at you, Kristen, Laura Prepon and Christina Hendricks. I mean, if you’re a star, attending one of the biggest events of the year on national television, wouldn’t you want to make sure your dress fit properly and was flattering? I don’t get it. IMO, almost every stylist in Hollywood should be fired today. And why were so many of them so covered up with high necklines and long sleeves? It is hot out here in LA! How can they stand it?

Of course, the stand-out in this category is Lena Dunham. What is up with you, Lena? You’re a lovely girl, really. Why do you insist on wearing gowns that don’t fit properly and don’t flatter your body? I don’t get it. And I can’t imagine why Giambattista Valli agreed to go along and put his name on this monstrosity. Whoa. It gets worse every time she goes to a ceremony. I can only assume she is doing it on purpose to prove a point that actresses should not be judged on what they wear or something. Or else she just refuses to show up for fittings & throws it on at the last minute without looking in a mirror. She has to be doing this on purpose, and I actually kind of admire her for that. Even if her motive is nothing more than to get herself talked about, that’s smart. But from a purely fashion point of view, it hurts my eyes. Yikes. 

So there were a few, just a few, gowns that I really liked. The ones which stood out because they were especially beautiful or particularly different and flattering, IMO, are as follows:

Juliana Margulies in Narciso Rodriguez; Michelle Dockery in Rosie Assoulin; Kerry Washington in Prada

January Jones in Prabal Gurung; Sarah Hyland in PR alumni Christian Siriano; Camila Alves in Dolce & Gabbana

Julie Bowen in Peter Som; Debra Messing in Angel Sanchez; Natalie Dormer in J Mendel, my personal favorite.

Not my favorite dresses, but these ladies looked great, so honorable mention to:

Allison Janney in Lorena Sarbu; Amanda Crew in Max Azria Atelier; Gwen Stefani in Versace

Oops, nearly forgot Julia Roberts.I thought she looked amazing, too, in Elie Saab:


And what did you guys think of Heidi’s dress? Zac Posen was her date and designer. Did he do better or worse than Sean Kelly’s from the PR challenge that she wore to the Creative Arts Emmys last week? It was okay. Definitely a safer choice to keep her off the worst-dressed list. But I still love the creativity Sean showed.

All photos from In Style Magazine online:,,20842970_20846780_30206415,00.html

I can’t wait to watch the Fashion Police tonight to see how my opinion stacks up to Joan & the gang’s. What do you think she’ll have to say?


2 thoughts on “Best Emmy Dresses of 2014

  1. It was unusual to see Heidi all covered up 🙂 but I think I liked the dress from Sean better. I agree with you that Juliana Margulies looked stunning and while I wasn’t a huge fan of Allison Janney’s dress, I did think she looked spectacuar.

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  2. Yes, I thought it was strange that Heidi’s dress was so covered-up, too. And so many others. Yes, Allison Janney’s dress wasn’t perhaps the best, but she looked amazing in it and I’m a sucker for velvet. Love hearing your thoughts, Joan!


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