A Priceless Runway: Project Runway recap, Season 13, Episode 7


Well, this was a relatively drama-free week. There were no meltdowns, no fights, not too much bitchiness. Without all the histrionics, we get to see a little bit more of the actual design process. Sigh. This makes me nostalgic for the early seasons of Project Runway. How I miss them.

So this week starts out with the girls lamenting the loss of Char. Sandhya says she feels responsible as her team member and that Char has taken the sunshine with her. Samantha and Emily don’t look too impressed or sympathetic with Sandhya’s feelings.  Wow, Samantha’s “bedroom” and the kitchen are really messy. Project Slobway.

I’ve finally figured out what bugs me about Korina. She looks like she barely opens her mouth when she talks or something. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but it just looks weird when she speaks.

So this is the bling challenge, with millions of dollars’ worth of gorgeous Chopard gems on display. Amanda hopes they get to keep some diamonds as prizes. Dream on, girl. They’re to make an extravagant evening look to complement the jewelry. Tim, in a bit of foreshadowing, advises them to wow the judges and pull out all the stops. As last week’s winner, Sean gets to choose first, but really, I don’t think anyone can go wrong with any of these jewels.

Kini’s happy with his hoop earrings and huge rock, because “simple yet flashy” totally describes him as a designer. Umm….okay. Man, I just hope he doesn’t do another black gown.

I’m distracted through the whole intro and first day of the challenge trying to read Fade’s shirt.  Can anyone tell me what it says, please? Do you hear the (something) too? Do you hear the tools? Do you hear that too? Do you hear the tooth fairy? Help! I never could figure it out. Was it obscene? Is that why they never showed it all?

So they all go back to the workroom to sketch and then Tim comes in to announce what’s been weighing heavily on him. Not a huge surprise. He’s decided to use his Tim Gunn save to bring back Char! The designers are all overjoyed to have her back, especially Sandhya. Except maybe Alexander, who looks like he just got hit on the head with a brick or had a lobotomy.

Photo of actual lobotomy patient. See the resemblance? (Sorry, I know that’s mean, but couldn’t help myself. Channeling Joan.)

Tim takes the designers on a field trip to see the Charles James Beyond Fashion exhibition. These gowns are amazing. The designs and details are just breathtaking. I hope this sufficiently inspires them.

We’re off to Mood. Korina chooses an amazing Southwest print fabric that she wants to make a coat out of with a simple dress. At last! She is finally going to do the Southwest style she claims is her trademark. Of course, she’s going to do a coat. Let’s hope this one is more successful than some in the past. The part about doing a simple dress underneath is worrying, but hardly surprising, since that’s about all she can do, and she doesn’t even do them well. The fabric is gorgeous…the coat had better be.

Oh no! Sean and Samantha have chosen the same fabric. Samantha, of course, is more concerned about this than Sean. I don’t think they design anywhere close to the same, so probably won’t really be an issue.

Back in the workroom, Char is sucking up to Amanda. Remember how last week she was being all snarky with Korina and saying she didn’t think it was fair that Amanda got to come back? Well, now that she herself has been brought back she’s changed her tune. She feels like she can relate to Amanda now since they’ve both had second chances. Uh huh. Don’t judge someone until you’ve walked in their Aldo boots.

Alexander is doing one of his crinkled-up techniques with the fabric again. I like it. Samantha’s nervous because she’s never done eveningwear or even been to a wedding before.

Kini doesn’t have black fabric! He’s done a 180 and chosen white this time. Psstt…there’s a whole world of color out there, Kini. He’s having some issues with his bodice. I think Tim says the nipples are shooting bullets. And that it’s too short and looks hoochie. Hee hee. Never thought I’d hear Tim use that word. “I am not a hoochie designer,” says Kini.

Amanda is making some weird see-through net dress that she wants to put a jumpsuit underneath. Well, that’s Amanda. Tim tries to give her some advice. Kini says she has a lot of balls. Well, if that’s what you want to call it.

Tim says Char’s white dress is too bridal and prim and that she’d better fix it because he’s invested in her now. “You have to promise me you’re going to get through this challenge.” He’ll be peeved if he wasted his save.

Sandhya has a print that I’m not crazy about. Tim advises her to make the back lower, but I’m more worried about the big white ruffles she’s got running from the sides to the rear. Yikes.

Emily’s making something red and drapey.  Tim says Fade’s looks like an elastic band. Ok, l think his shirt says “Do you hear them too?”

Korina has cut the seams in her coat so that they’re breaking up the pattern weirdly. Tim says it’s off and a big distraction. He warns her that the judges will be out for blood. Looks like she might have to start over.

Sean’s making a lovely royal blue gown, but he’s thinking about sticking shoulder pads on the hips. Why? Tim wisely warns him not to do that.

Tim tells Samantha that her blue gown is just a pretty dress and she needs to step it up. He’s also worried about the neckline on Alexander’s dress and tells him that it looks like it came out of a lava flow and could be a big hot mess. I don’t know. I think it looks a lot like it was inspired by the Charles James dresses and I kind of like it.

Korina’s going to take out the seams and fix her coat and Alexander’s going to change his neckline. Kini is getting frustrated and vents to Samantha about how much he wants to win this time.

Model  fittings. Samantha still only has a bodice. Amanda has nothing but her crazy sheer thing.

Commercial time. There are those Aldo boots, Pam! And PR seems to be sponsored by AARP now.  I find that unsettling. Has this become an old lady show? What does that say about me? Tim gives a touching testimonial about his life on their behalf though.

Is Alexander going to finish with all his hand sewing? Amanda has made a jumpsuit but is having problems with her organza jacket.  Samantha is happy with her dress and thinks she could be on top. Korina has fixed her coat and it looks great. She must really love it, because she seems to be wearing it in her personal interviews. She hasn’t done a dress though, and says she’s just going to do something really simple with one seam down the back. Will this kill it for her?

I don’t like Kini’s one-sleeved toga-looking dress. As Amanda says, it’s a bit wonky. But Kini’s calling everyone else out. He says Char’s look is just another peplum dress with cutouts. I have to agree with him on that. I don’t like it either. Alexander’s dress is worrying because it still has pins and he’s trying to sew his model in at the last minute. Kini says Fade’s is matronly and Sandhya’s is just a cocktail dress. He’s not too far off on most of them. But he goes on to say that his is going to be on top, he can guarantee it this time. Oh, Kini, will you never learn? Maybe you should quit prematurely patting yourself on the back, dude.

As the designers were disappointed to learn, they are not allowed to touch the jewels at all. Security people with satin-gloved hands carefully place the jewelry on the models before they walk the runway. Heidi welcomes Char back and says she’d better prove that Tim used his save wisely. Runway’s on!

Korina’s coat is superb and the necklace is just spectacular with it. I love it. Heidi is smiling.

Fade’s dress is a little boring. He says he didn’t want to overpower the jewels, but it’s not a wow.

I still don’t like Char’s. I don’t like all those ruffles she always puts everywhere and again, another open back.

Emily’s dress is quite pretty. It’s draped nicely. Not a wow, but I do like it.

Samantha’s dress is pretty boring.

Still don’t like Kini’s but he’s got that flowy thing going with the skirt that the judges always like, so maybe they’ll dig it.

Sandhya’s is a well-made dress and the ruffles are no longer white and look better than they did initially. I’m still not crazy about that print though.

Sean’s is simple but gorgeous. The velvet trim looks great. Love the way it sways when she walks.

Amanda’s is just stupid-looking.  I can’t decide which is worse, the sheer overlay or the skintight jumpsuit underneath. But she’s got that floaty thing going on, too, so who knows? I don’t think guest judge, Caroline Scheufele from Chopard, looks very happy.

I do like Alexander’s. It’s a bit crazy, but I think it’s cool. Heidi seems to like it, too.

Fade, Char, Emily and Sandhya are safe. I’m pretty sure Amanda and maybe Kini are going to be on the bottom. Sean and Alexander should be on top. I think Korina will be too, but maybe her simple dress will prevent it? And I’m just not sure about Samantha, could go either way.

Alexander is fan favorite yet again. I usually fast forward through the commercials, so don’t always see it, but hasn’t he been it every week? Wow, he must have a lot of friends & family doing the voting.

So I was pretty off on my predictions this week. Heidi likes Kini’s dress, although she thinks the skirt should have been shorter. Gee, thanks a lot, Tim. Zac at least admits the bodice is an eyesore. Nina says it’s beautiful but not well executed, and Ms. Scheufele likes it, so they’re kind of split.

Really?! Amanda has made the same ugly thing she made that they hated a few weeks ago when she had immunity. It’s the exact same outfit, except with even worse pants. And they love it. Heidi likes that she stepped outside of the box and that she takes risks. Nina is happy to see that she challenges them. WTF? Sean is making “Are you out of your flipping mind?!” faces and I totally agree with him. These judges are so whacked. At least Zac has some sense and says it would be on the worst-dressed list, but I don’t know what the rest of them are smoking.

Nina really loves Korina’s look. Zac adores it, calls it delicious and says it’s her best work so far. They all love how well it complements the jewelry. And guess what? When she takes off the coat, the dress looks great! I can’t believe how pretty the back is after she went on about how simple it was going to be. They’re amazing, both the coat and the dress.

Poor Alexander gets snarkiness from Zac who claims not to be able to see the stone on the necklace. I want to smack his smirking face, but it is kind of hidden because the neckline has ridden up. Ouch, Nina says she looks like Princess Grace got stuck in the spin cycle. Zac says it’s tortured but not a bad dress. Nina says it’s a terrible dress. Caroline Scheufele doesn’t feel the color goes with the necklace. I have to agree with that. The more they pick it apart, the more I can see that it really does have problems.

Samantha’s dress looks awful close-up too. It doesn’t look well-constructed. Zac says it’s drab, and there’s not much to talk about so he won’t. Heidi keeps reminding her that it’s a design competition. Nina says it’s boring and that it looks like it should be the intern’s dress, not the star’s.

Well, I got one right, anyway. They all agree that Sean’s dress is stunning and very elegant. Zac says it’s very regal and tells Sean to keep up the good work.

In the green room, Alexander is scared to death. He should be. I swear to God, if they give this win to Amanda, then I just give up. I’m actually rooting for Korina. I love that coat. I want it so badly.

Korina gets the win! Yay! I’m still not her biggest fan, but she totally deserved it. I hope she keeps on designing great things now that she’s remembered how.

Sean, Amanda and Kini are safe. I’m sad, because I don’t want Samantha or Alexander to go home. In my opinion, the worst designs tonight were Amanda’s and Char’s. I don’t understand why they’re not up here.

Whew, Alexander has been saved. I’m so glad, but sorry to see Samantha go. I think she’s done some of the best work this season, but for some reason it always got overlooked by the judges.  Now, the one time she’s flubbed it, they’ve noticed. What a shame. Everybody’s crying. Oh, well. Like Heidi said, it’s just gotten to that point in the competition where safe is just not good enough, and somebody has to go home.

What’s in store for next week? Yay! An avant garde challenge – one of my favorites! Maybe Alexander can redeem himself. And a rainway. Wow. I sure hope they put those poor models in some wellies or they’re going to be wiping out right and left. That should be worth watching!


4 thoughts on “A Priceless Runway: Project Runway recap, Season 13, Episode 7

  1. My tops were Sean, Korina and Alexander. Like you, I oddly loved Alexander’s dress. Yes, there were problems as pointed out by the judges but I think that he was the most inspired by the Charles James Exhibition.

    Now to my rant: How the hell does Amanda come out on top with that spandex looking sheer thing that in my opinion NO ONE would want to wear to a gala. I wouldn’t even wear that to stay home.

    I agreed with Zac, that was Korina’s best work of the entire show. She finally “stepped out of her box”. That Korina is how u win a challenge. I would, however, like to see her make something other than a coat or jacket.

    Sean is my overall favorite. Loved him from the start. I think he has developed quite nicely as a designer over the last few episodes. Can’t wait to see what he does next week.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your insight, Shisha! I’m glad I’m not the only one who liked Alexander’s dress. I did think it resembled the dresses from the exhibition the most, but he does use that technique, or something similar, too much, too, I think.

      I agree one hundred percent with your rant! I don’t know how Amanda keeps ending up on top when she makes the worst looks all the time.

      I think Sean is my favorite, too, and I think he’s going to win it all. That’s my prediction. We’ll see!

      Thanks so much for reading my blog and commenting. Love it!


  2. I really liked your analysis. I thought Alexander’s dress was extremely interesting and should have made him safe. I loved Sean’s dress and it worked beautifully with the jewelry, but when Korina’s model came down the runway, I thought the coat with the dress was a showstopper (although I wouldn’t wear it and would prefer Sean’s dress for me, personally). I truly do not understand the love for Amanda and I think Tim wasted his save on Char.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I completely agree, Joan. I would love to wear that coat, although it would completely swallow me! That model’s so tall, I bet you actually could make a sofa out of that coat. She looked fabulous, though. I think Tim wasted his save, for sure, and I am as clueless as everyone else about Amanda. Great to hear from you!


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