Feeling Mod-velous!

mad for modmod photo

If you’ve read the blog much and know me at all by now, it should be pretty obvious that I was born one generation too late. I adore the 60s era, and my greatest disappointment is that i wasn’t around for it (even though that would make me even older!) I am crazy for the culture and the fashion from that decade, so here is my tribute to the Mod World.

blake lively photoIMG_0070

Lol, obviously I’m no Blake Lively, but I was so obsessed with the look of this outfit that I just had to have it. Juicy Couture dress, which I got for just under $100 when they had a sale. I kept placing the order, and then they kept canceling it and telling me the dress was out of stock. But then they kept advertising it as in-stock on the website. After a couple of frustrating calls with customer service who told me there was nothing they could do, on the third or fourth try the order finally went through and the dress arrived!

Her hat is Eugenia Kim; mine is Target, $15, and it looks a bit wonky in the photo, but I can’t easily be model, stylist and photographer, and my husband only has so much patience! I honestly don’t know how these fashion bloggers do it Obviously, most of them are young & gorgeous, so they look pretty good no matter what, but I don’t know how they get the selfies to turn out so good or if they have a professional photog who follows them around or what? I would love to have an actual model to use, but it’s hard enough to get my husband or sons to take the pictures, they’re not going to agree to wear the dresses! 🙂

I would sell my soul for those amazing peeptoe Blahniks, but I had to make do with a similar style from UrbanOG, about $20. I also styled it with a homemade  belt made from a piece of gold link chain. I realize I’m not ever going to give Blake a run for her money, but overall, I love the look. 

Here are some of my favorite mod pieces:

mod collage


The Juicy Couture dress; a paisley Michael by Michael Kors dress with fringed belt which I picked up at a Tuesday Morning years ago for about $40; a mod black and white zigzag mini dress with faux leather trim at the shoulders by Fire Los Angeles, from TJ Maxx, on clearance for $20; the Urban OG boots and few of my favorite accessories.

keith & anita in hat

 mick and marianneanita & marianne

 Keith and Anita; Mick and Marianne; Anita and Marianne.

These are what I wear when I’m channeling Anita Pallenberg and Marianne Faithfull! What are your favorite mod looks?



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