That time….I bought a $50 Tank Top

We all make purchases we regret, right? Normally, I’m a pretty careful and thrifty shopper. I’ve always been on a budget, and I live for bargains and rarely pay full price for anything. I usually stalk what I want until it’s marked down to a price I’m willing to pay. But every now and then….


So there was this one day I was out doing the town with one of my most stylish besties, Christine. We went for a fabulous overpriced oceanside lunch at the Malibu Beach Inn, with even more overpriced cocktails. And then we went “shopping” at the Malibu Country Mart. Understand, I have to use the term “shopping” loosely, because for me, there is not much I can afford at the designer stores in the Malibu Country Mart. It was really more like sight-seeing. But it’s an experience not to be missed. You can really feel like somebody getting your free bottle of James Perse labeled water and reclining on their porch in a comfy lounge chair enjoying the people-watching for a while. 

IMG-20120528-00021 (1)

So anyway, after a while, I let it all kind of go to my head and I wanted to buy SOMETHING just so I didn’t feel like a loser and had a little something (besides the empty water bottle, which I still have 🙂 ) to commemorate the day. We went into a boutique that was going out of business and tried on a few “clearance” items and I ended up spending about $50 on a tank top (which was reduced from $200 or something). I bought it because it was super-soft and it did match a new skirt I had been looking for something to go with, so I thought, what the hell? Plus it was on sale, so it was a bargain, right?

This was two summers ago now. I just retrieved that tank top from the wash and realized that I almost never wear it because it is way too thin, so it literally looks like wearing underwear. It is still super-soft, but it hasn’t held up well. It got some weird bleached-out blotches in the wash that won’t come out. So that was basically $50 down the drain on a stupid tank top. Now, i know $50 isn’t a huge amount of money, especially when it comes to fashion, but in my world, spending that much on something like a basic tank top is a bit ridiculous. When I think that I could have saved that money to spend on something better….like a bottle of Louboutin nail polish…kidding, don’t even get me started on the level of insanity I think people must possess to spend $50 on nail polish, no matter the name.

Moral of the story….none, really, I just felt like sharing. Or I guess, don’t have cocktails and go shopping in a place you can’t afford! But when you do, don’t have any regrets, ‘cos you only live once. And we all sometimes make those impulsive purchases we later wish we hadn’t, right? So please, share and tell me yours!

tank topwater bottle

This is what a $50 tank top looks like. At least I didn’t pay the full retail $200 for it! And this is my souvenir water bottle!


2 thoughts on “That time….I bought a $50 Tank Top

  1. I love your story and I can sympathize completely.
    I have what I call my two-paycheck hat. The first year I went to the Telluride Film Festival I tried on all sorts of things, especially cowboy-type hats, which I happen to love. But I couldn’t make myself spend the money on anything. It cost enough to get to the Festival. That was Labor Day 2001. Fast-forward to Telluride one-year later. 9/11 had happened and so this time I figured time is short…I’m buying that hat! So I did…a very pale blue,hugely expensive cowboy hat and I think I’ve worn it 5 times. It makes me feel guilty every time I look at it so I have a hard time wearing it.

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