Fashion Did Not Rock Last Night

Did anybody watch that sad excuse for a show called Fashion Rocks that dragged on for at least two hours last night? I tuned in because, 1) I love fashion and 2) before I was cool enough to develop my Rolling Stones obsession, it was all about Duran Duran back in the day when I was a teen. Simon Le Bon was my first British love and I couldn’t pass up the chance to see and hear them again. Well, except for their performance, which was okay (Simon’s still hot), and maybe KISS, I thought the entire show was a joke. Now, I know I’m an old fogey, but I have never heard of and would never by choice listen to most of the other performers on the show. But most importantly, where was the fashion? Other than a few random models roaming around in the background where you could hardly see them while these folks performed, I did not see any. This was not a fashion show in any way. It was simply using fashion week as an excuse to promote a bunch of dubious talent. The interview with Tommy Hilfiger was the one slightly bright spot, but other than that….ick. What a waste of time.

BTW, did you notice Justin Bieber getting booed? LOL. And in response he decided to take all his clothes off. I can never unsee that. Considering he is practically a child, I found it borderline pedophile-y to be showing on tv. Very bad taste. At least he more or less behaved himself. Gotta give them credit for having the guts to put him on live television. Who knows what could have happened. He didn’t pee on or attack or run over anybody. So that’s something.

If you’re interested (though I don’t know why you would be), here’s the link to an article and a video of Justin getting booed last night:  SMH.

BTW, another thought I had:  It must be a great life to be a “rock star,” make a few albums, then sit back for 40 years and do nothing until you run low on money and decide to regroup for a show or two to make a few bucks. Yes, I’m looking at you, KISS, along with many other old groups who are getting back together lately, most without even the original members, just folks sucking off the name. Real musicians don’t have to “come back” and rely on rehashing old material over and over again. Keith and the Stones are in their 70s now, and have never stopped recording new music and touring. That is how real rock and roll is done, folks. And they are the best because they are the only ones who can do it.

In the end, it wasn’t a totally wasted evening, since I then tuned in to watch the master, Keith, and his adorable daughter, Theodora on TheTonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. And the Replacements performed, too! Now that was some real entertainment!


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