The Rainway: Project Runway recap, Season 13, Episode 8

This morning at Gotham West, Sandhya and Emily are mourning the loss of Sam. Korina is gloating over her win. Someone online last week referred to her as a marionette. Yes! That’s the perfect word for her. That is exactly how to describe why she bugs me. Wish I could have thought of it. Meanwhile, in the boys’ room, Kini can’t believe he was on the damn bottom. I didn’t care for that dress, so I can.

They all gather at the runway to hear about this week’s challenge. Alexander is still looking lobotomized. Tim and Heidi come in to do some more product placement that is completely unrelated to fashion. This week they’re plugging Samsung’s new curved HDTV. They reveal the big surprise that this week the models are going to be walking a rainway. And somehow, the designers are also supposed to be inspired by this Samsung tv. Not sure how those two things relate in any way. But yay, it’s an avant garde challenge!

They’re going to use waterproof fabrics and have access to heavy-duty construction items. Plus, they get two days for this challenge! Everyone is elated about that. Heidi does a rather poor Tim Gunn impersonation (Why? He’s standing right there) and sends them off to the workroom to sketch.

Amanda is feeling inspired by Cleopatra and wants to show her eye makeup running down her face. Is she focusing on the model’s makeup at this point already, or is she actually going to put a big eyeball on her garment?

Oh no! Rain makes Kini think of darkness. He’s going back to all black again. Sigh. But his idea of an upside-down umbrella skirt and huge rain hat does sound pretty cool.

Sean is talking about sewing dye powders into his dress. Risky. I want to see if this works.

Sandhya is making something with tv “off the air” stripes. Ok.

Emily says she’s making a raincoat catsuit. Her sketch looks like Iron Man to me.

In the biggest shocker of the season….Kini responds to Char’s question that no, he will not be finished today.

Fade was ready to experiment his ass off, but now that they’re back from Mood, he’s feeling uninspired. This could be a big problem.

Amanda IS putting a giant eyeball on her dress – several, in fact. Could be cool. Could be weird and ugly. We’ll just have to see. And didn’t Prada just do that?

Tim is here to make his rounds. Of course, he loves Kini’s idea for an umbrella skirt. He tells him he has enough wow factor and not to add the gimmicky silver spine up the back. Good call. He tells Kini, “It makes me smile. It’s a bit like Schiaparelli.” High praise.

Tim’s also thrilled with Sean’s idea for the dye to run out of his dress. He calls it spectacular and unforgettable. “It gives me chills,” he says, but then asks what we all want to know: “How do you know it’s going to work?” Faith, says Sean. He’s so cool.

Emily’s armor with a silver catsuit he calls R2-D2. I’m not crazy about this look either.

Amanda’s eyeball dress is taking shape. But Tim asks if she’s sure about the placement of the red eyeball atop the vaginal area. “This is nothing, if not the season of the vagina.” Amanda better re-think this. I do NOT want to hear Zac Posen talking about vaginas again. It kind of hurts my heart to hear Tim Gunn say that word. I know he didn’t do it voluntarily. This show is getting too scripted.

Alexander seems to be putting some kind of purple flowers inside of clear plastic. Tim says it could work for him. I’m not so sure. Doesn’t look very good to me.

Char is making some huge black and purple ruffled plastic boa. Is this the entire dress? I don’t really get it. She wants it to be wearable art. Tim calls it reptilian and she seems to take that as a compliment.

Fade is making a gray and black graphic dress with a big “play” button on the front. I think it looks cool and I really like it. But wait, does that light up, or was that just special effects by the show? He’s talking about putting circuit boards on it. Sounds a little dangerous to me, in the rain and all. What if the model gets electrocuted? Tim doesn’t seem impressed and tells him he needs to turn up  the volume.

Sandhya’s making a plastic-covered clown suit. She’s talking about putting some kind of silver things all over the outside of the plastic. Tim looks very confused. He says, “It concerns me.” Sean says it’s hideous. I tend to agree with both, but of course, Sandhya is confident. Gotta hand it to that girl. She’s never shaken from what she wants to do. Except that one time, by Hernan. Guess she learned her lesson about listening to other people’s opinions back then.

Korina is making something with bold blue, black and white graphics. She says it’s going to be a Thuderbird and she’s going to  give it wings. Good luck with that. Her story sounds good, but does she really have the skills to pull that off? Tim says not to make it too literal.

Tim leaves and Fade is having his turn venting to Amanda in the break room. He says he’s worried about running out of time and doesn’t want to start over, but he’s worried that it’s going to look too cartoony.
“But this is when it can be,” Amanda reassures him. She says his point of view is so unique and the dress is super-graphic and she’s super into it. I love her for that, because I feel the same way.

The workday ends and everyone is so relieved it’s a two-day challenge and they get an evening to relax. They make up a little song about it and the girls invite the guys to have some wine and party. They discuss how far they’ve come and that it’s now halfway through the show. They’re down to nine from the original 18. Char proposes a toast to just being there. Everyone’s celebrating except Fade, who’s being very quiet and looking sad. I’m worried about him.

Day 2:  Korina has a bunch of silver crap to her outfit and decides it looks like an Olympic bobsledder and she hates everything about it because it looks really stupid. Well, yeah. She feels really lucky to have immunity. Well, yeah.

Sandhya is making silver pinwheels to put on her clear plastic jacket. Very odd. She seems to think the rain is going to make the pinwheels spin and do something cool in the rain. I don’t know. Looks crazy to me.

Fade’s still fretting. Char thinks the pressure is getting to him. 81% of viewers vote that Fade is losing it. After Sandhya has a sweet phone call with her husband and Emily with her daughter, Fade completely does lose it on the phone with his husband. He is emotionally drained and can hardly talk. He says he will be home soon. Nooooo…..I don’t like this foreshadowing at all. Bad, bad feeling.

After the break, Fade goes back to the workroom and Korina gives him a big hug. So now I like her a little bit more, too. Fade is embarrassed that Project Runway made him cry. Happens to the best of ‘em, dude. I was just thinking, at least we don’t have a crying guy this season. Oh well, it was only this once,  Fade, so it’s okay.

I get that Kini’s dress is really cool, but I’m not a huge fan of it. It just looks a little too weird to me. I don’t know what the heck Alexander is making. What I can see of his and Korina’s looks scares the heck out of me. And Emily’s outfit makes me cringe. Kini says it looks like an insect. I think it looks kind of futuristic warrior princess, but not in a good way. I still really like Fade’s dress. He has added the lines all over it and it looks great to me. Sean has a pretty basic pretty white dress. He better pray this dye thing works. He’s having some execution problems with getting the dye to stay in the dress properly. Nobody can believe he’s taking this risk. He says it’ll either be awesome or a flop. Amanda’s redesigned her dress a bit and it’s actually looking like it may be quite cool.

Kini and Fade waste some time admiring the refrigerator. They’re plugging the hell out of this fridge this season. Oh, I see…it’s a Samsung.

It’s the end of the day. Everyone packs up their dresses to transport them to the rainway and they’re all excited for the show tomorrow. Even Fade seems to be cheerful now.

Next day, we have to suffer through the usual five minutes of hair and makeup….I know they have to show this every week for the sponsors, but really, can’t they find a way to make it more interesting? Yawn. I miss the seasons when they featured the models; that was interesting to me. Remember that crazy Morgan from season one? Hilarious. And remember when they got to pick new models each week and steal them from each other? Why did they do away with that?

Runway time! Heidi, Zac and Nina are joined by some actress called Caitlin Fitzgerald from Masters of Sex as guest judge. I don’t know who she is or why she’s here, but she actually has some smart opinions and commentary after the show.

The rain starts to fall and the show begins with Char’s look. It’s a great big purple and black ruffle-y thing with a cute little rain hat with a visor. The hat is the best part.

Sandhya’s creation is just crazy. The pinwheels are not spinning in the rain, either. I really don’t get this.

Emily’s futuristic warrior babe is not a good look, in my opinion. Hate it.

I also do not get Alexander’s at all. It’s a big clear tent with purple thingies all over it over a black jumpsuit. Just strange.

I still really like Fade’s dress. He says he wishes he would have done one little thing that connected it to rain, though. Me, too. I’m worried that will cause him problems with the judges.

Korina’s look has nothing to do with a Thunderbird and has no wings. I knew she wasn’t capable of pulling that off. Unfortunately, she scrapped the graphic design which was actually the good part of the look and ended up keeping all the stupid silver strips. Her model looks like she’s trapped in a cage. Korina says she’s happy she decided to change it at the last minute. I can’t imagine why.

I like Amanda’s dress a lot. Love the big bold graphics. One of the eyes has peeled off in the rain, though. Will that hurt her score? My son has wandered into the room and does not share my admiration. He says it looks like an Illuminati caterpillar. That is the greatest description I have ever heard. My son is a clearly a genius and should replace Zac Posen as a Project Runway judge.

I have to admit that on the runway, in the rain, Kini’s look is pretty stunning. Taken out of that context, I wouldn’t care for it much. But here it definitely makes an appropriate statement and his construction is extremely impressive. Now, he could have made a dress with wings if he wanted to. But he’s got to be ready to commit hari kari when Sean’s dress comes out.

Sean’s is amazing. The dye comes out perfectly in the rain. It has wowed everyone and he is the clear winner. Heidi looks thrilled and Tim looks so proud he’s about to burst. Poor Kini. Again.

Amanda, Char and Alexander are safe. I’m surprised Alexander isn’t on the bottom. So that leaves Sandhya, Korina, Emily, Sean, Kini and Fade as the top and bottom scores. I know Emily and Korina will be on the bottom. Obviously, Sean and Kini are on top. Sandhya could go either way. I would definitely put her on the bottom, but the judges usually like her crazy shit, so who knows? If they like it now, that’s not good for Fade.

Alexander has the fan favorite locked up again. Dang. Do they still get money for that? If so he’s going to make a fortune without even having to win the show. Smart. Who do you think they’ll pick when he goes home? Because he will, soon. And Sean is going to be the ultimate winner. I stand by that prediction. I think Kini and Sandhya will round out the top three.

Of course, the judges all love Kini’s look. Heidi says it’s clever and she loves it. Caitlin Fitzgerald calls it marvelous, but she doesn’t like the hat. Later on, Zac will say the hat looks like a black, dark Smurf gone bad. Ha! Good one! Okay, you can stay. Nina says the look is sublime.  Zac says wonderful, a combination of Michelle Harper with a little McQueen and “You brought it today. Big time.”

Korina’s sticking to her Thunderbird story even though it no longer makes any sense with this look. But there’s no way to explain this. Nobody likes it. No surprise. Zac tells her, “You’re lucky you have immunity. Very.”

Sandhya starts explaining that her pinwheels were supposed to go around In the rain but they didn’t work. I figure she’s screwed. But no, Heidi says it made her feel very happy and it’s fun. Nina at least says it’s at the tipping point of being circus-y/childlike. But Zac says it makes him want to do a raindance and splash. He’s not hugely complimentary, but overall they really like it.

So that means they don’t get Fade’s. Damn. He chose the wrong inspiration. He should have gone with the rain instead of the Samsung tv. Nina calls it gimmicky. Heidi says it looks like a subway map. Caitlin likes the graphic look, but her opinion is not enough to save him. I really wish it would have lit up and electrocuted his model. Just kidding about the electrocution part, but Zac has a point. It should have done something.

Sean’s is fantastic, exciting, a fairy tale. Nina loves the way he thinks. Zac says it’s exceptional. He’s clearly the winner.

Even Emily knows her look is dead. She doesn’t even finish trying to explain it. Zac calls it an Alexander McQueen cliché. Heidi doesn’t hate it, but Nina also says it’s cliché and predictable. Those are the two worst things you can be. Emily is going home, I’m sure.

In the green room, everyone Is discussing how the judges compared so many people to McQueen. It was a good thing for Kini, but not for Emily. Sandhya says that she wants her work to be exclusively her and not remind the judges of any other designer. Amanda thinks she’s bitchy for saying that. But Sandhya has a valid point. And Amanda should be glad they let her slide by without commenting on her Prada knock-off.

The up-close judging went as expected and wasn’t really interesting enough to comment on. Going home will be a toss-up between Emily and Fade. I totally think it should be Emily, and on the one hand, expect it will be. That outfit was just awful and Nina said the absolute worst things about it. But I’m really scared it’s going to be Fade. I keep thinking of earlier when he told his husband he’d be coming home soon. So sad.

The judges are torn between Sean and Kini. Zac and Nina say Sean’s the clear winner. Heidi’s pushing for Kini. Caitlin tosses her vote in with Heidi. So who’s it going to be? Suspenseful. Why is spell-check telling me that word has two l’s? It totally does not. Screw you, spell-check.

Sean is announced as the winner, as expected. But then, in a surprise twist, they give Kini a joint pity win. They really had to at this point. I think there may have been riots in the streets (or at least the online chatrooms) if he’d come in second again. He doesn’t seem to mind sharing the win. He’s super excited to be the winner and does not mention sharing with Sean in his joy. In his mind, he’s simply the winner. Lol.

As expected, Fade is going home. I just hate this. He “Auf Wiedersehn’s” Heidi before she can say it first. I’m just crushed. I so wanted him to continue until the judges finally realized how great he was. They’re just stupid. I know his dress didn’t really fit the challenge well, but it was miles and miles better than that hideous thing Emily made. And for that matter, I still think Alexander should have been on the bottom. So unfair. NOW is when we should have had the Tim Gunn save. Why the hell did he waste it? Ugh. I know it’s bitchy, but I’m also can’t help being just a little bit disappointed that none of the models slipped and fell.

Auf Wiedersehn, Fade, my friend. You will be missed.

Next week they seem to be designing for American Girl dolls. Have you ever been to that store? Those dolls have enough clothes already! Nobody understands Sandhya again and somebody makes her cry again. Stay tuned for the drama!


4 thoughts on “The Rainway: Project Runway recap, Season 13, Episode 8

  1. I cannot agree more about the wasted save. If anyone should have gotten it, the save should have been held off a week and now given to Fade. I don’t understand the love for Sandhya. I’ve disliked everything she’s done. While I really like Sean’s work and his dress was certainly imaginative, I have to say, when Kini’s dress came down the runway, I gasped, I loved it so much…it was just so dramatic. Sean had a shaky start, but he and Kini, to me, seem to be really above everyone else.

    Thanks for the great recap!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I so wish Tim could have used his save this week. I knew something like this would happen. Sandhya has me shaking my head, too. I do like her, for some reason, but I haven’t liked much that she’s made. And this plastic rainbow thing was just awful. I do not understand why they liked it at all. I guess now we know that in order to succeed on PR you just have to make a bunch of crazy stuff. It’s working for Sandhya and Amanda.

      Love hearing your thoughts, Joan!


  2. Yes, the greatest tragedy of the season is the waste of Tim Gunn’s save. I picked Fade for finals at the very beginning, and all along I figured the deal was they were ignoring him for the sake of a story arc. Seeing as how there are almost no interesting clothes coming out of this season except for Kini and Fade, and most every other designer is making strange or creepy things that have been done before. I’m OK with an homage, even a play on someone else’s designs, as long as the designer says it. Amanda, well, her crafts outfits are wierd. And this time, with two whole days to work she doesn’t bother to sew her trim on the foundation garment. Alexander’s A-lines are tedious. I wonder if he makes only A-lines in order to avoid having to fit them to a model.

    Mostly though, I am heartbroken that Fade left. Emily, Amanda, Alexander – basically anyone but Fade should have gone home. I agree also that the edit of the show makes it look like people are offended when Sandhya says she doesn’t want to be compared to other designers. What on earth is wrong with having confidence in yourself? In a room full of designers it seems odd that any of them would be bothered by that attitude. Besides their stuff looked like a lot of things other than Alexander McQueen, as you pointed out Prada. I kept seeing bits of Mugler and when I googled “upside down umbrella skirt” several outfits came up, including one like Kini’s. He did it better but still, it is odd that the judges were all gaga about Kini’s outfit when it is nothing all that new. It’s just that his work is astronomically better than everyone else’s on this season.

    I’m obsessed with this season, it is like watching Dynasty or Dallas or Falcon’s Crest when I was in high school. I cannot look away.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol…Falcon Crest! That’s a goid one. I wouldn’t say I’ve been obsessed with thus season, although writing about it has avenge me a lot more involved than I would have been otherwise. I was obsessed with Jeffrey (season 3) and Mondo, not so much since then.

      I am totally bummed that Fade is gone. I thought he was definitely one of, if not the, best. I’m not as impressed with Kini. I think his construction is impeccable but his designs are just not usually my taste, and I think a little predictable. It’s interesting that you say the umbrella dress has been done before. I kind of thought that too, but didn’t bother to look it up.

      That’s a great point about Amanda, too. Why didn’t she sew the eyes onto the dress? With 2 days, she shuldn’t have been gluing.

      I enjoy your point of view, Pam. You always make me think more! Thanks for posting!


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