Hurry! It’s Altuzarra Time! Did you get yours?

Did you stay up till midnight to shop for Altuzarra’s Target collection? I opted to try my luck in-store this morning. Out here in suburbia, though, the stores did not carry much of the line. Was disappointing and I left empty-handed. However, I did order the look I really, really wanted online, so will have to wait a few days to get my hands on it:

I kind of wanted the emerald green python flounce skirt, too, but it was already sold out and not carried in stores. Oh well. Still trying to make up my mind about the heels or booties, but I have sworn off buying heels that are so high I’ll never wear them, so probably won’t. The velvet pants and fur jacket are on my wait-and-see list, too. I just can’t justify spending that much on things I don’t really need.

If you missed out on what you wanted today, I would suggest you keep checking back with Target for the next couple of weeks. They have changed their return policy for these items and are making the return deadline within 14 days of shipment. Which means there will probably be a lot of folks returning stuff when they find out nobody’s willing to pay what they’re trying to charge for it on Ebay. I mean, seriously. You could go and buy something from Altuzarra’s actual collection for the amount they’re trying to charge for this Target stuff. You’d be crazy to pay that. I hope nobody does, so maybe next time these unscrupulous sharks won’t scoop everything up to try and make a profit.

Good luck and happy hunting!

UPDATE:  Okay, so I have to admit, I went back and got the shoes. Or rather, ordered them, because they didn’t have them in-store either. I couldn’t resist; they’re just too sexy. Plus, I really wanted the Altuzarra box.

Altuzarra shoesAren’t they awesome? I tried on the booties to make sure the heel height was comfortable. On the website, it says they’re 5″ heels in one place, but then later it says 3.75″. They’re definitely not 5 inches. The booties were perfectly comfy in the store, but you know how it goes….the minute you buy them and put them on at home they suddenly hurt. How do they make them do that? Some kind of voodoo…I call it shoedoo. Anyway, if these are too high to wear, I’ll just add them to my art collection with all the rest 😉

While I was there, I found these in browsing:

some monsters

Too cute! Sesame Street boxers with gift bag made to look like the Rolling Stones’ Some Girls album cover. They say “Some Monsters.” I had to have them, and they were on clearance for only $7. So a successful shopping day!


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