Project Runway All Stars Season 4 Cast Announced

Oh no! Or hooray (depending on how you feel about this). Season 4 of Project Runway All Stars is set to premiere October 30, as soon as this regular season ends. I don’t mind All Stars, although I don’t enjoy it as much as the original show, but I do wish they wouldn’t run them all back to back so often. I appreciate PR a lot more if I can get a break and some time to miss it before the next season begins. I get a bit burnt out this way.

Another problem I have with the All Stars show is the mix of designers they pick to be on it. Now, the title would lead you to think that everyone on the show is either a previous winner or, I would think, at least one of the top finishers on the show. However, often they choose contestants we barely remember from the original season because they weren’t there very long at all. So I do not understand why they receive the designation of “All Star.”

On the flip side, I also don’t think it’s really fair to have previous winners on the show. Although they definitely qualify as All Stars, they’ve already won. I think they should give someone else a chance this time. In my humble opinion, they should either have the show feature ONLY past winners and let them battle it out to be the ultimate All Star, or, my preference would be to only have previous contestants who came in second and third place so that they get a second chance. I don’t really care to see contestants again who never made any impression in the first place. They had their shot, move along already. But there are quite a few runners-up who I felt should have won in the first place…..Mondo particularly comes to mind…..who I do like to see get another chance to prove themselves.

So who are we excited to see on this season’s All Stars? Chris March (from Season 4) is back. I am a fan of his and excited to see him again, although that finale collection he did with the human hair totally creeped me out. I was Team Chris all the way till that happened. Let’s hope he’s moved on to new materials. Have you seen his Halloween hats line at Target? They’re amazing!

I’m also a big fan of Michelle Lesniak (Season 11) and Dmitry Sholokhov, (Season 10) but they have already won, and so recently, that it just seems like a comedown to me for them to be competing again. What do they have to prove?

Kate Pankoke, who was originally on Season 11 and then brought back by viewer vote on Season 12, will be the first contestant back for a third round of Project Runway. I never liked Kate much. She was always a bit too full of herself and I don’t really care to see that again.

From Season 10, Fabio Costa, Gunnar Deatherage, and Sonjia Williams are coming back. Fabio was kind of interesting. Remember, he was the guy who was into dumpster diving. But he was a good designer. I don’t really remember the other two at all. I get Gunnar mixed up with a bunch of guys from other seasons, like Anthony Ryan Auld and some other guy whose name I can’t remember. There’s always one in that mold on almost every season & they’re interchangeable in my mind. Christopher Palu, that’s the other one.

From Season 11, Samantha Black, Benjamin Mach, and Patricia Michaels will be back. I always liked Patricia. Her Indian-inspired designs were just the right sort of weird for my taste. And I don’t mind seeing Benjamin again. Love his accent. Who the heck is Samantha Black? Do not recognize her at all.

And to round it out, they’re bringing back Helen Castillo, Justin LeBlanc, and Alexandria von Bromssen from Season 12. I adored Justin. That dress he made with the test tubes was simply breathtaking. One of the best things I’ve ever seen. Now that was a Tim Gunn save that was truly deserved! I’m really hoping he’s the winner this time around. And I quite like Alexandria, too. She’s got an attitude, but it works on her. And another great accent. Helen’s attitude, I could do without. She reminds me of Samantha from this season. Too big for her britches. Although, I have to admit, Samantha ended up surprising me with her skills. Helen, not so much, as I remember.

I wish they would bring back more designers from the earlier seasons. To my mind, those were the best. Do you think maybe Lifetime can’t have designers who were on the Bravo network? I don’t know, but the show kind of jumped the shark after that network change. I only still watch because I’m too addicted not to, but I really loved the show so much better in its Bravo incarnation.

All Stars host will be Alyssa Milano again, and judges  Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman are returning, as well as Zanna Roberts Rassi as mentor. I’m not a huge fan of Ms. Milano or that big queen Isaac, but how can you not like the fabulous Georgina Chapman and Zanna, who is always fun. Plus I just like saying Zanna Roberts Rassi. What a great name.

Planned guest judges will include Laverne Cox, Nicole Scherzinger and Snooki and J Woww. Ummm…..nothing I can say about this. Do any of these people know anything about fashion? Spare me.

What do you guys think? Are you excited about a new season starting again already? Do you think these people really qualify as All Stars? And who will you be rooting for to win this time? Pretty sure I’m going to be Team Justin all the way.

Wait…who is that other guy in the picture? Oh, I missed it. Jay Sario from Season 7. No idea who he is either. If you want to read it, here is the link to the article from Entertainment Weekly: 

One thing to be thankful for…at least they’re not bringing Gretchen back. I heard she was just made Womenswear Design Director for Pendleton. Guess her own line didn’t go over so well….do I hear an “I told you so”? I love the Pendleton brand. Hope she doesn’t screw it up by coming out with a line of Southwestern print woolen granny panties.


2 thoughts on “Project Runway All Stars Season 4 Cast Announced

  1. Looking forward to seeing some of these designers again. I love Patricia but I am from New Mexico so I am biased. Chris, Michelle, Dimitry, and Justin were also past season favorites. I look forward to seeing how they have changed as designers. Who is the guy on the right side of the photo with the red shorts? I do not understand grown men who think wearing short shorts is a good look. I love Mondo but even he looked stupid every time he did that. You are not a little boy anymore, it does not make you look younger and it is not fashion forward, backward or sideways. It makes you look like Pinocchio and he has never been a style icon.

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  2. Hi, Lisa! Love your comment. Patricia is one of my faves, too. NM is one if my favorite places. Lucky you, to live there. Pinocchio as fashion icon…LMAO…I busted a gut over that one! You are so right, men in short shorts is a big no no. Also, sandals. Give me the creeps! Apparently, the guy in the shorts is Jay Sario from season 7. Do you remember him? I don’t.


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