We Have a Winner!

As you may remember, last week I was so excited about the growing number of views for my new blog that I offered a prize to one of my wonderful commenters when the blog reached 5,000 views. Well, we’ve passed that number now, and so I have chosen a winner. Which wasn’t too hard, because I only got comments from one reader during that time. LOL…maybe I need a few more followers before that kind of incentive can work!  Anyway, thank you, thank you, to everyone who has taken the time to view my blog and especially to my prize-winning commenter, Joan Fuchsman of Joan’s Nuggets.

Joan has chosen a lovely Italian glass necklace and handmade artisan earrings from Haiti as her prize. prize necklaceprize earrings 1

Do yourself a big favor and check out Joan’s wonderful blog, Joan’s Nuggets, here on WordPress: http://joansnuggets.wordpress.com/.

Her blog is outstanding. She provides wonderful reading with a fabulous sense of humor. She can tell you everything you want to know about life and culture in Washington, D.C. and she does the best movie reviews around. So be sure to visit her blog and thanks for coming back to mine! I appreciate all the support!

Also, for more information on this great handmade artisan jewelry, please visit http://threeangelshaiti.org/. All of their item are handmade by working moms in Haiti trying to support their families so they don’t have to give their children up for adoption. All proceeds go to help these families.


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