OOTD — The Heat Wave Breaks!

Finally! Today was a truly great day! The heat wave has finally broken. While it wasn’t exactly sweater weather, I was finally able to wear something more than just a tank top & cut offs. Been wanting to break this outfit out for a while:



Striped skirt from Old Navy. Black & python print pumps, Simply Vera, Vera Wang for Kohl’s. Polka dot blouse, so old I can’t even remember. Label says Christie & Jill. I think it came from JC Penney a million years ago. I know the combination is a bit much…husband says it’s circus-y & I shouldn’t leave the house. But it makes me happy.

And today was a happy day. The one good thing about suffering through 100+ degree weather, is that it makes the 80s feel cool and fall-like. Today was perfect. A nice breeze and sunny skies. And best of all, I went to the mall and there in front of me was a brand new H&M store! Have needed one nearby for so long. So happy! And Project Runway starts in 30 minutes. Stay tuned for this week’s recap!


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