TheTeletubbie that Killed Sandhya: Project Runway Recap Season 13, Episode 9

teletubbie eating sandhya

This episode opens and closes the same way…with the guys running down Sandhya’s crazy designs. They just cannot comprehend how the judges loved her last look with the crazy pinwheels. Kini says it was “toyish” and Alexander calls it a “crazy joker jumpsuit.” Well, it’s a bit mean to sit around slagging her off…but yeah, I can’t disagree with what  they’re saying.

Emily is reminiscing about the call with her daughter, and since we already know this is going to be an American Girl challenge, obviously this is going to be “her” episode. I don’t know if that’s a good thing. It can go either way. Sometimes when they focus in on one designer’s story, it means they’re going to win. More often, as we saw last week with Fade, it means buh-bye. Errr… I mean, Auf Wiedersehn.

They all meet at American Girl Place. Heather Northrop, Senior Design Manager, is with Tim to explain that the store is developing a childrenswear line to accompany their new stories and doll collection. The designers each get paired with a girl and a doll. Emily is super-confident because she already designs a kids’ line. Again….is this foreshadowing good or bad? Pride goeth before a fall, right? Alexander is happy because he’s very familiar with the dolls from his sister and her friends (right) and Korina is excited because she had an American Girl doll. So any of these three could be on the outs.

As they’re meeting their new clients, Korina changes her tune and says she finds this terrifying because she doesn’t know any kids and doesn’t know how to communicate with them. Who does she know how to communicate with? Seems to me, it’s the poor kid who should be terrified of this scary puppet-head.

Sean gets the best girl/doll combo, I think, with a 1970s story. Char’s talking about making a party dress……for a Native American doll. Huh? But she is going to give her a fringed vest, so that ties in a little better. OMG..NO!!! Amanda has spotted and is inspired by, of all things, a freaking patchwork quilt on her doll’s bed. Come on! They did this on purpose. So obviously, here comes another one of Amanda’s ridiculous patchwork creations. Great.

At Mood, Sandhya pisses off Korina by butting into her time with the fabric cutter. Korina has no problem telling her off. Sandhya says she knows Korina has never liked her, but she has thicker skin than to let that get to her. Honestly, Korina’s horribly bitchy to her, but Sandhya did kind of jump into her space. She does seem to be very self-centered and I can see where that could be irritating. I’d probably be a huge bitch to her, too.

I love Emily’s idea of a sweater…it looks gorgeous. She’s pairing it with a poufy skirt. Sean is going to make a denim jumpsuit. He’s worried about Emily’s advantage. Everyone else seems a bit lost about what they’re going to do, and as we go to commercial, it appears that Tim is going to be horrified when he comes in for critiques.

Back from break, Korina has decided to create her own textile. She says it’s going to be complicated. I am sure this is a bad decision on her part. She seems to always undertake projects that are beyond her skills. Kini’s already made a houndstooth coat, which I love, but now he needs a dress, and he’s stuck. Sandhya is doing something crazy again. It’s an awful pink with cutout pictures of anchors & compasses all over it and some stupid ruffle at the waist. Ick.

Sean has made a print jumpsuit with a denim vest with fringe. At first, Tim says it’s adorable. But then, he decides he hates the fringe. He tells Sean to do away with it, and so he does.

Tim says Emily’s knit makes him smile. Me, too. He tells her to make sure the skirt doesn’t get too big and costumey for a little girl.

Kini’s still stuck. Tim says he needs to rethink his plain white dress.

Amanda has just about the ugliest print in the world….but I have to admit that the way she’s cut and pieced it together doesn’t look that bad in her outfit. Tim says she’s taking risks.

Can’t really tell what Alexander’s doing, but Tim says he needs to decide if he’s taking it far enough.

Why is everyone making a jumpsuit? Since when do little kids wear jumpsuits? Tim is weirdly saddened by the dolls’ background stories.

Tim loathes Char’s idea for a fringe vest. Same as Sean, he tells her to do away with it. Says it will be cheap and tawdry. Ouch! Char takes the criticism very graciously, but unlike Sean , says she’s going to go ahead and do what she wants.

Tim likes Korina’s tiered dress, if she manages to execute it beautifully.

Tim, like all of us, is very confused by Sandhya. He says he feels as though he doesn’t do her a service because he has serious difficulty understanding her color relationships and proportions and the judges keep loving her work. This is a very nice way of saying he doesn’t understand why they like her ugly shit either. Smooth, Tim. Amanda says Sandhya has no interest in listening to what Tim has to say, and that she’s going to regret that.  They’re both right. Nobody understands what Sandhya does or why the judges like it. And Sandhya is not going to listen to Tim. As always, he doesn’t know what to say, so just tells her to carry on, and she very happily and confidently does.

The little girls come in for fittings. They seem to be going well for Emily, Korina and Amanda. Kini’s still a bit lost regarding his dress. Sean is having problems with his fit because “Kids are weird…shapes.”

Kini has now made a second dress of red plaid to match the doll’s. Char keeps telling her model  she is very happy with her fringed look. Her model doesn’t look too convinced. Everyone is joking and teasing each other in the sewing room and Sandhya is feeling sad and left out.

Korina, as predicted, is running out of time to finish all the work she has to do. I kind of like the print of Alexander’s top. Not feeling his polka dot pants, though. I can’t tell if it work as an outfit or not.

At the end of the day, Sandhya cries herself to sleep. Guess her thick skin has finally worn off. She just wants a little respect and compassion. Emily says it’s not a personal attack, but she understands why Sandhya takes it personally, as an artist. She also understands why the others feel frustrated when the judges keep rewarding Sandhya for her awful work. She seems to have a good read on the situation, but isn’t much comfort to Sandhya.

While this is going on, the boys are in the other room trash-talking Sandhya’s look again. But really, can you blame them? It is so bad I cannot even put it into words. In the workroom next day, it gets called a baby onesie and a pink Teletubbie. Yeah, those are the words.

In the morning, Sandhya is still teary, but puts on a brave face and a smile and heads back to the workroom. Sean decides his look needs something and adds a peace sign to the back of the vest. Amanda loves Char’s fringed vest. Well, that’s no surprise! It’s cute, but I’m not sure it goes with the dress.

Kini has improved his dress, and I love it. Amanda thinks Emily’s look is too dark and says this isn’t an avant garde kid’s challenge. Snarky. I still love the sweater, but not too sure about her skirt. The big drama is whether or not Korina will manage to finish on time. She’s frantic.

And we’re off to the runway , in record time, Tim says. Guest judge, besides Ms. Northrop from American Girl, is Elisabeth Moss. Okay. Don’t know what she has to do with kids or dolls. She doesn’t have any kids, not even on Mad Men, ‘cos she gave that one away, remember? When did they stop having actual designers as judges? Nobody wants to be on the show anymore?

Korina’s dress looks great on the runway. Looks like she managed to finish and her model is working it. I love it. Heidi looks pleased. Zac has a huge smile.

I don’t like Sean’s at all. It looks homemade and sad to me. Judges are kind of smirking.

Amanda’s is okay. It’s kind of cute, but nothing too sensational. Nina’s smiling.

Again, Alexander’s top is kind of cute. I like the print. But I still hate those polka-dot pants, especially the zipper up the butt.

Char’s vest is adorable. I still don’t think it goes with the dress, though.

OMG…the looks on the faces when Sandhya’s thing goes down the runway. Heidi’s trying not to laugh too hard. Elisabeth Moss looks like she might vomit. Tim looks like he’s going to cry. Maybe he’s biting his tongue too hard to keep from laughing, too.

I love Kini’s entire look. And the judges clearly do, as well.

And still like Emily’s sweater, iffy on the skirt, which she’s made out of some metallic gray fabric with blue and purple tulle sticking out the bottom.

Amanda and Alexander are safe. Alexander is very relieved. I think Sean is going to be on the bottom, and surely Sandhya, unless the judges are truly crazy for Coco Puffs. Korina and Kini should be on top. I’m not sure which way Char and Emily will go, but it looks from the previews like Emily’s not going to fare well. I wouldn’t put their looks on the top or the bottom, myself. Would have had them safe, too.

Heidi says Sean’s looks like a McCall’s pattern that was sew-it-yourself. And oops, she notices that he screwed up the peace sign and it’s actually a Mercedes symbol. I think it’s a little bit mean to pick apart the looks while the little girls are standing right there. His poor girl looks a bit crestfallen at the end. Sad. They tell Sean he should have gone crazy with the 70s and that safe doesn’t cut it anymore.

I’m just wondering…why is Heidi’s chair so far away from the rest of the group?  Is it always that way? Is it so she doesn’t smack Zac?

They all love Korina’s dress, of course. It is so cute. But uh-oh, when the camera zooms in for a close-up you can see how raggedy the finishing is. But nobody seems to notice.

For once, the judges have nothing good to say about Sandhya’s. The Kool-aid has finally worn off. Heidi says it looks like a onesie for a baby. Yeah. Nina says Yo Gabba Gabba. Zac says it’s a circus flamingo. Yikes. They all agree it’s not age-appropriate. The lady from American Girl finally gets to comment. She hasn’t had much to say for the person who’s going to have to produce one of these looks.

Kini’s gets raves, as expected. He says his girl has a credit card. Heidi says she went straight to Chanel for kids. It really is fantastic. This is the only look up there I would put on a little girl. Well, and maybe Korina’s.

They also love Char’s. Well, these judges have always been fringe-crazy. Nina says every little kid loves fringe. I do think the vest is cute. And now that I can see the dress well, it’s very cute too. I still don’t think I’d put them together though, but the judges love the look.

Heidi makes a point of saying snarkily to Emily, “You do have a children’s line, correct?” and Emily tries to brag on herself, but breaks off because she can tell they don’t like it. Heidi calls it drab. Heather says frumpy. Nina calls it dark and sad. Zac apparently owns this American Girl doll and all of her accessories and is offended by this look. Elisabeth calls her out on the ridiculous net she’s put over that poor girl’s head. What the heck was that supposed to be? Bad call, Em.

Back in the green room, Amanda and Alexander want to know what happened. Emily impersonates Nina’s evil eye. Korina doesn’t even want to brag about her own success, she’s too busy gleefully repeating the awful things they said about Sandhya’s look.

The judges make all the girls stand around while they examine the looks more closely. More insults fly in these poor kids’ faces. I know it’s not about them personally, but they’re young. If you tell them they look bad, it’s going to hurt their feelings. I find it mean. And they still haven’t let that poor girl take that damn net off her head. Sheesh.

Really, Nina?!! WTF?? She is going to tell us with a straight face that she would prefer Sandhya’s infant onesie to Emily’s look? OMG…if they keep Sandhya after this then this show is just a f-ing joke. Seriously. Everyone is trying to say they prefer that horrid thing over the other. Give me a break. Only Heidi seems to have any sense. Again, Heather from American Girl, the person who should actually be making the decision, seems to have no opinion and nothing to say. Why did she bother to come? I really think they’re going to send Emily home just because it makes no sense and more drama.

They loved all three of the top looks so much, that I’m not sure how they were able to choose a winner, but they give Kini his second in a row. I agree. His look was simply perfection. Sean looks so pissed. He has no poker face up there. But he’s safe.

And surprise, surprise! They let Emily stay. I guess five minutes of nonsensical drama was enough for them this week. That means Sandhya has finally pushed it too far. Gotta hand it to her though, she’s still standing by that romper as she goes out the door, after getting hugs from only Emily and Alexander while everybody else sits there looking awkward.  I’ll miss her. Will be a much more boring show now that she’s gone, for sure. Who will everybody hate on now? And who will be the next to go?

I honestly can’t believe Emily, Alexander and Korina have made it this far. They’ve been lucky. Next week they have to go to the park and pick everyday women to design for. Two non-model challenges in a row, wow. Somebody’s gonna crack. And apparently Korina’s already picked Char as her new target. Knew she couldn’t make it without somebody to hate on.

See you next week! Watch out for the Teletubbies!


3 thoughts on “TheTeletubbie that Killed Sandhya: Project Runway Recap Season 13, Episode 9

  1. Fun recap. While not my favorite I have liked Emily’s work in the past, but this dress made the poor girl look like she was coming over from Russia on the same boat as Yentl. However, Heidi has children and if she hated that pink thing of Sandhya’s there was no way she was staying. I loved all of the top 3 for different reasons. Korina really did know how to style her model. That whole look worked and the girl just seemed so happy in it.Char’s outfit also turned out beautifully, too. But Kini was robbed so much that I was glad to see him win. I loved both of his pieces.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yentl! LO, that’s a good one. I loved Emily’s sweater, but the skirt was pretty bad. I think it would have been better in a brighter color, or even better, she should have done what Elizabeth Moss suggested and made the whole dress a knit. That would have been so cute. I liked all of the top 3 too, but I do agree that Kini deserved the win. Not so much because of the past, I would have actually liked to see someone different get a win. But because his was just so perfect, he deserved it. Thanks, Joan!


  2. Lol…just re-read this & how many times can I say “crazy” and “poor girl”? Please keep in mind that I’m on the west coast, and by the time I’ve watched the show at least twice, taken notes & written this, it’s about 2 am, so my brain’s not really operating at it’s fullest potential!


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