Gel Nail Fail

Home gel manicure Day 4:


Well…as you can see from these pictures, I didn’t have a very successful experience with the new Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nailpolish. Have you seen this? It comes as a set of two polishes. You pick the shade you want and then use a special topcoat on top, which is supposed to cure and last like a professional gel manicure without needing to use a light or anything.

Now, I am far, far from a manicure expert. I rarely do my fingernails (just my toes) because for one thing, they break a lot and never grow out into a nice length; and two, I don’t really have the patience to spend the time making them look nice. I don’t go for professional manicures often either, because I just don’t make the time and don’t really care that much. But my friend brought over this new polish and wanted to do my nails for me to test it out. It was quick and easy, but as you can see, the results have not held up well. And this is only four day in, long before the promised two weeks of perfection.

Now, to be fair, I’m not really sure that I have given this product a fair test. I am VERY hard on my nails. I use my fingers (typing) and nails (for scraping & any number of things) every day and I am NEVER careful with them. So in all honesty, a person who is careful with their manicure would probably have much better luck. And my friend may not have waited long enough before applying the topcoat or been very careful about covering the entire nail (we were a couple of Coronas in at that point). She didn’t have much better luck with hers either. But I have to say, other than the tips, which have become chipped and ragged, the rest of the polish is holding up nicely. So like I said, if you’re a person who is careful with your hands, this may be a good money-saving option for you. I believe the bottles of polish and topcoat run for about $10 each, and remember, you have to use both for it to work. Let’s hope if you try it you’ll have much better results than I did. Let me know!

LOL…considering my last post, this brings to mind my favorite scene from one of my favorite movies of all time, Sid and Nancy. Remember when Nancy (Chloe Webb) was fretting over her bruises and wailed, “I’ll never look like Barbie!”  I know the feeling!


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