Norman Reedus is my Soulmate

For real. Most amazing interview ever. If I was a man, pretty sure this is exactly how I would have answered these questions. Actually, I probably would anyway. Read it. Now. Revel in it. Love him so much. 

Best quotes from article:

GQ:  Well, in a lot of people’s lives those things (romance & comedy) are considered really important.
Norman:  [laughs] Yeah. I don’t know any of those people.

* * *

Norman:  Sleeping with Debbie Harry and killing her and taking her dead body on a bus out of town is one of my fondest memories, you know what I mean? What do you want? What can I say?

* * *

Norman:  I always liked shy and sort of interesting people, rather than pretty people trying to please everybody—I always dislike them right off the bat.

        * * *

Norman:  I would rather listen to an old Cure song and get really introspective than “I’m walking on sunshine.…

* * *

Norman:  I’d rather… I think it’s as interesting to psychologically fuck someone up, probably more so, than to just kill them, you know what I mean?

GQ:  I love how you say that as though those are really the only two possible options.
Norman:  [laughs] And if you’re lucky, you get both.

* * *

GQ:  So in the same answer, you’ve questioned whether you can be sad enough or whether you can be happy enough.
Norman: I questioned whether I’m sad enough to appear that happy in a fake world.

GQ:  Though can I suggest that there are many actors who believe that conveying emotions such as happiness and sadness is even easier than portraying homicidal impulses or psychopathic impulses?
Norman:  I don’t know those people either.


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