Zippergate: Project Runway recap, Season 13, Episode 10

It’s getting very near to the end now. Only seven designers are left (six after tonight) and everyone’s got the fashion week fever. Kini is predicting he will win again. Alexander has more humble aspirations. He’s feeling a little intimidated by all of Sean’s and Kini’s wins and just wants to win one challenge. The guys are happy to be done with the kids’ challenge and looking forward to getting their models back. Not so fast, guys!

As we know, this week is the Mary Kay makeover challenge, as presented by Luis Casco, global makeup artist. A huge prize incentive:  the winning designer and model will be featured in a Mary Kay ad in Marie Claire magazine. The designers are instructed to go out to Washington Square Park and find someone to make over and be their model for this challenge. Luis warns them not to go for runway models, but to dig a little deeper.

Well, that directive went in one ear and right out the other. They spend some time getting turned down by a lot of people, and then finally, Emily is the first to find her muse. Surprise, surprise, she is a beautiful yoga teacher who loves Thierry Mugler. Emily is excited to make something feminine and extreme at the same time. This is a match made in heaven. Sean brushes off someone’s not so attractive friend by saying he’s just looking for taller people. He tries to be nice about it, but it’s awkward. He is the last one left still searching and getting a bit flustered, but he finally finds Lelia, a beautiful actress/singer. As expected, pretty much all of the designers end up with lovely women who could probably pass as models. There are no truly challenging bodies in the bunch.

Korina has picked Shelby, a ballerina — wow, what a stretch –and is going to make a motorcycle jacket with chiffon pleats.

Alexander has a lovely girl named Marisa who likes retro looks and he is inspired by some bright green and yellow houndstooth checked fabric.

Kini is happy to find Renee, but then after they chat and she says she has a bohemian hippie style, he’s worried that he picked the wrong person. He’s feeling blocked at Mood and doesn’t know what he wants to do.

Amanda finds some vintage-y striped fabric that she loves and wants to make a mini dress with a leather vest for her muse, Eva.

Back at the workroom, Char is feeling excited and Kini is a bit fed up and lost. Emily is making something red and pleated out of chiffon with a big ruffled fin coming up around the neck. Can’t tell yet if it’s cool or just too much. Korina is happy with her blue tweed and leather jacket. I really like that choker she’s wearing with the big round metal disc. I want it. I also kind of want to choke her with it first.

Everyone seems to be getting along well, except Kini, who is still struggling. They start in on his backstory and how his mom inspired him. Uh oh. When that happens, it usually means their time is up at the end of the show. But he ends up getting inspiration from it and decides to make a denim dress.

The muses go for a make-up consultation, and yes, most of them could be models. How shocking.

There’s not a lot of drama going on in this episode, except that Korina is bursting with confidence that she has the strongest look and knocking everybody else behind their backs. She says that Char is making another peplum because that’s all she knows how to do. Kini’s denim dress looks like it belongs at a rodeo. Amanda’s makes her dizzy. And she doesn’t know who would want to wear Emily’s dress.

Tim comes in and confirms that Korina is on the right track. He says her jacket is superb, although, in an ironic but not surprising way, both Kini and Char say that they’ve seen Korina make the same thing many times before. Everybody is right here. Char and Korina are both making the same old things they always do. Nobody stepping out of the box here.

Tim looks a little concerned over Char’s red shorts with a peplum top and blazer. He wants her to be tasteful and reminds her that her model is a pre-school teacher with a 13-year-old daughter. Korina once again jumps in with the zinger that she doesn’t know if Char should even be here.

Tim points out that Amanda’s chevron print is askew.

Kini now has two completely separate looks, his original white dress and the new denim one. He says he will decide which looks best on his model.

Sean is making a black dress that I can’t see very well. Tim wonders where he is in this dress?

Tim says Emily’s full ruffled skirt and top is beautiful and that she should feel confident. I like it, but it may be a bit over the top with all the ruffles.

Oh, Alexander. What are you thinking? Tim says all that needs to be said. When he starts out with, “You are one of the most talented designers I’ve ever met,” you know what’s coming next is not going to be good. He says it is one of the most hideous garments he has ever seen in his entire existence. Yikes! In what he says is a Project Runway first, he tells Alexander he MUST start over because his dress is, and I quote, “butt ugly.”  Wow. Unfortunately, Tim is one hundred percent right. Fortunately, Alexander is smart enough to know he should listen and follow Tim’s advice, so he does start over.

The muse/models come in for their fittings. It’s a big old love-fest up in here. Shelby loves what Korina has made. Julia loves Emily’s dress, she calls it fantastic and a fairy tale. Renee just loves Kini. She’s a little doubtful about the denim dress, but says she will trust him. Lelia loves Sean’s long black fitted gown. It has net at the neckline and he’s done fringe again at the bottom. Geez, doesn’t anybody have any new ideas in here?

The love fest has not spread to the other half of the room. Lisa thinks Char’s red outfit is a bit too red and too bright. But in exact opposition to Tim’s advice, she tells her the shorts should be shorter. Eva doesn’t like Amanda’s dress at all. I don’t either. I like the fabric she started with, but not the way she’s cut it up and pieced it back together.  Another one-trick wonder who just can’t leave patchwork alone. Marisa agrees with the butt-ugliness of the original dress, but is game to try Alexander’s new look of a circle skirt. He’s going to add more volume to it so she can twirl.

At the end of the day, Amanda is worried that her dress is boring and that she’s overworked the fabric. She’s nervous about going home. Before we go to break, coming up next Tim is saying something about another Project Runway first. What’s that going to be about?

When we come back Kini is just so OVER Korina. He’s had it with her competitive attitude. It took him this long to get to that point? We’ve all been there since day one, Kini.  Alexander has managed to make a new look, a circle skirt and cropped top out of the same green houndstooth fabric. He worries it’s too simple. I’m worried it’s still ugly.

Amanda’s dress is showing puckers and wrinkles. I don’t like it and her model doesn’t look happy.

Sean thinks Emily’s in trouble because the judges will think her dress is too costume-y and weird. Maybe, but I do like it. Meanwhile, he is trimming fringe again. Déjà vu.  Korina says Sean is not really a designer, but just somebody who can sew well. Damn. She is really outdoing herself with the nasty comments tonight.

Oh crap! Char’s model has busted out of the zipper on her shorts at the very last minute! Char keeps saying, “You busted the zipper,” like it’s the model’s fault. I would think that either she didn’t sew it in right or made the shorts too tight, myself. What is she going to do? She goes running to Tim for help and Korina says she doesn’t deserve another Tim Gunn save. But she gets one. Tim calls his Project Runway first to ask the other designers if they would mind giving Char another five minutes to fix her zipper. He says he wouldn’t do it for a regular challenge with models, but he doesn’t want this lady to have to go down the runway exposed.

Nobody objects, but then after they leave the workroom and are waiting for Char to start the runway, they’re all bitching about it. Said they didn’t want to look like assholes in front of everyone by speaking up, but Tim put them on the spot and nobody thinks it’s right or fair that Char gets to fix her zipper. They were never allowed to fix any of their unfinished garments before going down the runway and got called out for it before. And they feel they’ve just given Char another Tim Gunn save. When she’s finished, Char thanks them all for their generosity but just gets awkward looks in response.

Meanwhile, Heidi and the rest of the judge are waiting for the runway to start and loudly wondering what the hold-up is. Heidi is really making a stink about these five minutes. Guest judges this week are actress Michelle Monaghan and somebody called Asha Leo. Another mystery judge. And finally, the runway begins.

I think the ruffles may be a bit overdone on the skirt and I don’t think those sandal/booties go well with the look, but I do love Emily’s dress. It’s pretty and flowy and looks simply amazing from the back.

Amanda’s dress is too short and the vest is too long. Nina’s eyes are bugging out.

I have nothing good to say about Alexander’s look. The cropped top Is too short. The judges look confused.

Char has another peplum top with too many ruffles on the front and that exposed back yet AGAIN. She keeps talking about how she’s taking a risk. How is it taking a risk to make the same thing yet again for the tenth time now?

I have to say, I wasn’t too sure about Kini’s denim dress, but I really like the way it looks on the runway. Of course, it’s so well-made and it suits his model well. She looks great. I love the jacket.

Sean has a very glamorous long fringed black gown. His model looks like a movie star.

After all that bragging, I have to admit that Korina does have the best look. I love the jacket and she’s paired it with what looks like a cute little fringey mini-skirt. But then when I get a closer look, the skirt is actually made up of the chiffon pleats, I think. They swing like fringe and it’s really cool. I want this whole look. She’s still annoying, but she was right to be confident.

Sean is the only one deemed safe this week and gets sent out to wait by himself.

I predict Korina, Kini and Emily will be on the top. Amanda, Alexander and Char will be the bottom three.

Amanda’s model lies really well. She enthusiastically says that ugly dress makes her feel hot. Right. You know when Nina starts out with the caveat that the models did a great job and shouldn’t take the critiques personally, that she’s about to let her have it. She’s not as ruthless as I expected, but she does say the construction is bad. As expected, nobody seems to like it. Zac says it feels like an outlet mall.

Nina really likes Korina’s look, and when she takes off the jacket, the skirt is a dress! I also did not realize that. All of the judges love and want the jacket and love the look. Except for Heidi, who says it gives her an 80s mall vibe.

Heidi says so many things are wrong with Char’s look. Zac says it’s unfortunate and  a tap dance costume. Nina says she didn’t consider her client and it’s not appropriate.

At first, I think they’re ripping Emily’s look apart. Nina calls it an origami flamenco. Heidi says it’s Carmen Miranda. Nina then says it’s borderline costume. The think there are too many ruffles. But Zac disagrees and Asha Leo says it makes the model happy and that’s what matters. Confusing.

Alexander. Heidi says she is not loving it and asks him what happened here?  They all see that it’s unflattering and say the model looked better before. They don’t like the fabric or the cut of the crop top.

Zac says Kini’s pieces are perfectly polished. Heidi loves it. It’s her favorite on the runway. Nina thinks it’s a bit too serious for date night and Michelle agrees. Heidi says they don’t know what they’re talking about.

Amanda is looking really scared in the green room. But I think it’s going to be Alexander going home. He’s just been in the bottom too many times now. But it could be Char, I guess, since they could argue she’s already had her second chance.

After the judges do their close-up inspections, they’re agreed that it boils down to Korina or Kini for the win. Heidi makes Tim explain what happened with Char’s zipper and the delay. Will that seal her fate?

Korina gets the win and smugly says that she knew it all along. Alexander gets sent home. It had to happen. I’m interested to see what the fallout will be from zippergate next week. Alexander has already voiced on his way out that it should have been Char going home for that, and Korina keeps saying she shouldn’t be here. I don’t think the rest of them will let her forget it either. And it’s going to be another team challenge and an unconventional one, too! And it looks like they’re throwing in an unexpected twist at the end. Char breaks down. Really looking forward to what should be, and I hope will be, a much more interesting episode.

And this new Project Runway Threads show looks intriguing, too. Little kids making clothes? That will be something to see.


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  1. Hi, I’m Joan’s sister. She turned me on to PR about 9 seasons ago and to your recaps this season. Just wanted to let you know I love the recaps! Zippergate indeed! Keep up the good work! And hi, Joan. Let me know when you’ve finished watching.


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