OOTD: A Day in the Woods

hiking picIMG_1306


Took advantage of the somewhat cool (for So Cal) and cloudy day yesterday to take the kiddos hiking at Placerita Canyon. This is one of our favorite local places to soak up some nature and get some exercise. I wore my favorite fall hiking outfit, although to be honest, it was still way too warm once we got out there & I shed the layers down to a tank top pretty darn quick. Wishful thinking on being able to wear my favorite fuzzy vest!

We love Placerita Canyon because it has several trails, although many of them go all the way up the mountains, which is too much work for me to do more than once! The waterfall trail is my favorite because it’s flatter than most and fairly well shaded. We hiked all the way to the “waterfall” and back, although they use that term very loosely, because with the drought out here, there is no fall, or water, to be seen.


The remains of the waterfall (on right).


I.N.C. suede & shearling vest from Macy’s; One Star by Converse plaid shirt from Target; Old Navy jeans.


Boots w/shearling trim by Nine West.

If you’re interested in exploring the canyon for a fun hike, here is some info from their website, http://www.placerita.org/:

Placerita is an east-west running canyon featuring cool, shaded oak groves, a willow and sycamore-lined seasonal stream and numerous other interesting plant and animal communities.

The historic “Oak of the Golden Dream” is the site of California’s original gold discovery in 1842. Another landmark is the Walker Cabin , built by Frank Walker in 1920 for his family.

A network of self-guiding nature, history and hiking trails radiates out into the park from the Center, with longer hikes leading to a seasonal waterfall and to the top of the Santa Clarita Divide. Picnicking is available near the Nature Center.

The park encompasses oak woodland, chaparral, and riparian plant communties on the north side of the San Gabriel Mountains southeast of the City of Santa Clarita. The park not only serves to conserve a slice of the wild environment but also endeavors to educate the public on the value of undisturbed flora and fauna through wild animal presentations, nature hikes, and self-guided educational trails.

Where the gold rush began in California; the waterfall when there is water.


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