Really, Does this Deserve a Show at Fashion Week?

I don’t mean to be bitchy or pick on Char, but a friend of mine asked me to post all of her designs from this season so that we could judge whether or not we really think she deserved to have been picked in the final challenge to show at Fashion Week. So here they are. Sorry for the small pics and blurriness, but that’s the best I can do from the Lifetime site. If you want to see them better, you can go to the Rate the Runway looks on their site, but I think this is good enough to judge from.

Episodes1, 2 and 3 looks. I never did get why everybody was so ga-ga for that first look. It was pretty basic in my opinion, and I did not care for that drapey, backless top, which as you will see, gets repeated often. The ticket dress was probably the most creative thing she made. I didn’t hate that. And I was wrong before, she did actually make one pair of pants. With another drapey top. If she had improved on the quality of these first designs though, I could maybe understand her being picked. But in my opinion, it’s the exact opposite of what Nina said. She did not step up her game after Tim saved her. They just kept going downhill, and the final two are the worst of all.

Episodes 4, 5 and 6 looks. A hoochie skirt and another basic backless top. The blue gown is not dreadful, but it’s a little messy. Seems like all she can do is short and tight or just let all the fabric fall down into a big mess. And then that yellow abomination that sent her home where she should have stayed. A reader has suggested it was Sandhya’s fault for picking the yellow fabric and that’s why Tim saved her. That sure didn’t help, but really, in any color that mess of fabric wadded up and shoved up into the waistline is inexcusable. If it had been well-made, but in a bad color, I don’t think she would have gone home in the first place. It would have been Sandhya.

Episodes 7, 8 and 9 looks. Another peplum top. A look that supposed to be avant-garde, but haven’t we seen that technique on Project Runway a zillion times? It’s not attractive in any way. The little girl’s look was probably the best thing she ever did. Maybe she should stick to designing children’s wear. Although let’s be honest, would she have thought of doing fringe if everybody else hadn’t already done it? I don’t think so. And I still don’t think the vest & dress should be paired together.

Episodes 10 and 11 looks. Come on. By the tenth challenge, she should have known better than to make yet another peplum top. And those awful shorts in that awful color. This should have been the end for her. Then that jacket that took her two days to make and was nothing impressive. Let’s not forget that Sean showed two looks on this runway that he made in the time it took her to do this one bad one. And then her sew-off against Korina look. I like the way this looks, but it’s pretty basic, really, and it was Sean’s look way more than it was hers. She could never have done this without him.

And for the finale…ta da. These are the worst two looks of all. I just cannot grasp how designs of this poor quality get anyone moved forward to the Fashion Week runway show. It’s ridiculous. How can someone not only fail to improve, but get worse all the time and the judges pretend not to see it and reward them for it? I’m sorry if I’m offending all the Char fans out there, but this is just crazy. She is a sweet person and probably a very good designer for the market she has, but this is not Fashion Week work in any way.

Do you all agree? Or do you think I’m just being a hater? Like I said before, I really hope Char will prove me wrong and put on an amazing show. I would love to see it.


3 thoughts on “Really, Does this Deserve a Show at Fashion Week?

  1. Excellent review of Char’s mediocre performance throughout the season.To clarify the remark in my first post, I was defending Tim’s save because he has been unfairly accused (in numerous comments elsewhere) of allowing “political correctness” to cloud his judgment. Why Char continued to elude the auf afterwards is also a mystery to me. Wish Emily or Fäde (see below) had continued instead.

    But wish to say this too: Korina should have been eliminated, not Fäde for the spawn of Thunderbird and Dr. Who…thing she sent down the slip’n slide in the rainway challenge. With the Shiny aluminum blind attachments. Totally unwearable (except to a Star Trek convention) despite her defense of the looks that finally did send her packing.

    Weird season indeed!

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    • Lol…spawn of Thunderbird! Too funny & I agree. To be fair, at some point in the competition every one of them made something that should have gotten them sent home, but didn’t. But Char is the only one in the finale who just kept getting worse.

      I wish Fade were there instead. I would love to see a runway collection from him. I adore his shirts. And I even liked that dress he got sent home for. Bad decision there, for sure.


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