Resolution, Day 2-10

Update:  I have decided not to make a new post for these updates every day, as they’re pretty boring unless you just happen to be super into dieting, in which case, I worry about you. But they haven’t gotten any likes, so I don’t think anybody’s reading these. They’re keeping me motivated though, so I’m just going to add to the same post each day & then maybe start a new one each week.

Day 2:

Ouch. As predicted, much pain in the muscles today. Moving like a zombie. Yesterday’s lunch was some leftover beef roast with carrots & potatoes and dinner was chicken breast with pancetta, green beans and roasted red potatoes. Only snack was just a few corn nuts. And I stuck to one Coke. Well, less than one and a half. Same weight today, though. No miracle loss yet.

Actually managed to push through the pain & do the 15-minute workout again today. The hardest part is getting away from my husband long enough to do the workout, because I don’t need his comments. Yesterday I did it while he was in the shower. Today, he is not being as cooperative in making himself scarce. Had to move downstairs & the hard floor was excruciating during the sit-ups. I finally had to put a pillow underneath my butt, which only made them harder to do, so I’m hoping it doubled the burn, since I was moving much more slowly today & probably only did half the number of the trainers on the DVD. The rest of the workout went ok though & didn’t seem to take any time at all, so that’s good.

Breakfast today was only a couple cups of coffee & I had leftover London broil steak with bell peppers & onions for lunch. And the other half of the Coke. But I’ve also been drinking a lot more water than usual. I know I’m not exactly eating diet food, but I think it’s healthy enough. I’m kind of a meat & potatoes kind of person most of the time. I love fruits & veggies, but I could never be a vegetarian. I feel weak & ill when I don’t get some meat. Maybe eating more peanut butter would help, but I’ll stick with the meat, thanks. Besides, I’ve got to get all these leftovers used up. Spent the whole morning cleaning out the fridge, since we’re getting a new one tomorrow. Think that probably counts as a workout, too.

Planning a meatloaf for the family for dinner, but for myself, I think I’m going to go light tonight with Gwyneth Paltrow’s black bean, corn & avocado bowl. But without the avocado, because I let it rot again.

Doubt that I’m going to put in any time on the bike today. We’ll see if the pain is any better…hopefully not worse…tomorrow.

Day 3 Update:

Just completed the 15-minute workout. Got a late start today. Was waiting on the refrigerator delivery guys all morning & was not going to be caught in the middle of it when they got here. Turns out the free fridge that Cal Ed was willing to give us was crappier than the one we already have, so we told them no thanks, take it back. Figures. Oh well. At least the old one got a good cleaning & it definitely needed it.

Anyway, the workout today went well. My tailbone is still too sore to do sit ups without a pillow underneath, but I kept up better today & didn’t have to cheat on as many of the exercises. Still sore, but able to walk down the stairs today without wanting to die, so that’s progress. No significant weight loss yet, but didn’t really expect it yet.

Last night’s dinner ended up being just black rice, black beans & corn, since I didn’t have any of the other ingredients for the Goop recipe. It was filling. But then I ate a whole bag of corn nuts just for the salt while I was watching Mimic. Stayed up too late & sat thru that whole movie for only about 1 minute of Norman Reedus, but it was pretty good anyway.  Oh, and had two or three squares of really dark, high cocoa content chocolate. Should be healthy because it tastes absolutely nasty (bad choice at Trader Joe’s), but I’ve kind of gotten used to it. Been eating it a little at a time for the past few months because not going to throw chocolate away, even if it is kind of icky.

Breakfast:  2 cups of coffee with creamer. Lunch:  Triscuits with cheese. Some smoked turkey breast and one Bartlett pear. Water. Have had one Coke this morning already(bad) because my head didn’t feel well.

Here’s the thing. I only really like Cokes. Never Pepsi. Nothing diet. But a few years ago, I started drinking Diet Dr. Pepper, which is the only diet drink I can stand the taste of. I switched back to Cokes several weeks ago because I read some article that said diet drinks do something terrible to you, which I pretty much already knew, but chose to ignore. Anyway, I figured that they weren’t helping with the weight loss anyway, and one or two Cokes per day is probably better than 6 diet Dr. Peppers, which I was drinking like water, since supposedly no calories.

Last night I  decided to go back to the diet Dr. Peppers to help cut down on calories. I drank one and woke up this morning with that old icky feeling in my head. I can’t prove that’s the reason, but I honestly feel like it has something to do with it. I had a lot less of those mornings when I wasn’t on the diet drinks. So they’re going out again. It’s hard to explain to anyone who doesn’t have it, but I wake up sometimes just feeling like my head’s in a fog. It just doesn’t feel “right.” It doesn’t exactly hurt, but it feels like it COULD hurt…like there’s a migraine lurking, just waiting to start & it makes me feel a bit dizzy & nauseated, too. Like I said, I can’t definitively link it to the diet drinks, it could be something else. But it seems like a suspicious coincidence to me. I’m not having any today & will see how I feel tomorrow.

Okay, enough for today. Now I’m just rambling to myself & nobody else wants to read this. I’ll try to post some actual fashion or something more interesting a lil bit later. Sorry for the journaling.

Kids are out of school for a nice long weekend & have been hogging the computer. But here’s how the last couple of days have gone. I actually stuck to the exercising, although the diet’s been a bit wonky.

Day 4:  Didn’t eat anything all day until late afternoon, just a couple cups of coffee. I know breakfast is supposed to be important for losing weight, getting your metabolism going & all that, but I am just not really a breakfast person most of the time. Oh, I think I did have a piece of bacon. Had a lot of work to do & then went out with a friend, so didn’t get around to the workout until late that evening either. But I did do it. Anyway, came home hungry, of course, & too lazy to eat right. Had a few squares of a Hershey bar with almonds. Chocolate is my weakness. Had a few pretzel chips. Had a bit of the orange chicken & veggie fried rice I made the family for dinner. Then got the munchies watching tv & had to have some pierogies. Very bad. But I cannot resist cravings. No willpower, I told you. Sure I had a couple of Cokes throughout the day.

Day 5:  Breakfast:  coffee (1 1/2 cups), 2 pieces of bacon & a bite of eggs (kids’ leftovers). Did the 15-minute workout. Getting a little better at it. One Coke, & then I was off shopping. No lunch or dinner, really. Just snacking. Finished last 3 squares of Hershey bar. Slim Jim. Few Pretzel chips. Popcorn. Another Coke. Very unhealthy, but I didn’t eat a lot & I was just in a munchie kind of mood, if you know what I mean.

Day 6:  Okay, today I’m getting back to eating right. Bout to go have some oatmeal with my coffee. Getting pretty close to 130 now. Although also bout to go on a binge of eating and drinking cos my identity’s been found out & horribly embarrassed to be discovered blogging about all this stupid shit. Crap.

I lied on Day 5. Or actually, just committed an error of omission. Forgot that I had some Triscuits, cheese, prosciutto & pear for lunch that day.

Day 6 didn’t go as healthily as planned either. I did have the oatmeal for breakfast. Had some leftover beef stew with carrots & potatoes for lunch and pasta with pesto sauce, bacon & tomatoes for dinner. Also a couple of mini candy bars. Cannot beat the chocolate craving. But I only had one Coke today & I did do the workout & it’s getting easier, although I did feel a terrible soreness in my right leg during the ski lunges & I still can’t keep up with the sit-ups & have to cheat a bit on the tummy tucks.

Day 7:  A cup and a half of coffee for breakfast. Triscuits, cheese & an apple for lunch. I hope Triscuits aren’t too fattening, because they’re pretty much a mainstay of my diet. In the process of making chicken & dumplings for dinner. I know my dinner options aren’t very low-cal usually, but I have a houseful of people to feed who aren’t on diets (although some of them should be). I don’t usually eat a lot of it though, but it’s just too cold right now not to enjoy some yummy hot pasta or dumplings.

I worked out again today. Wow. That is the longest I have ever continually kept up with a workout routine. Usually don’t make it past a couple of days. I may be delusional, but think I can already see more definition in my arms. I also kind of have a thigh gap, although not all the way up…lol…how could anyone who’s not a preteen or anorexic? Being obsessed with that is just kind of sick. I’m sure it’s too soon for me to be seeing any real results, so that means I must not have looked as bad as I thought I did in the first place. That’s heartening. The scale’s pretty much hovering right around 130 or just a bit more now. Would probably be less if I could avoid that damned Halloween candy.

Also, just as a follow up, I have not had a Diet Dr. Pepper since that one day last week when I drank one & then woke up feeling dizzy & ill. I also have not had any dizziness, headaches or weird fuzziness in my head since then. I really don’t think that’s coincidence. I will not go back to diet drinks again.

Day 8:  Confession: last night I made the boys chocolate chip cookies & ate at least 4 or 5. Cannot resist them when they’re hot out of the oven. Breakfast today:  2 cups of coffee with creamer, & that was the last of it. I think I had a couple pieces of bacon, maybe. Lunch was 3 corn tortillas, plain. I’m weird, I like them that way. Dinner was a bowl & a half of potato soup & a couple pieces of sourdough bread. Not the wisest choice, I know. Also had a Coke or 2 throughout  the day. But I’m still doing the workout.

Day 9: Coffee, but the flavored creamer is finally gone, so I’m back to having it with stevia & almond milk like I promised. Not quite as yummy, but it’s coffee, so it’s all good. Lunch was a small bowl of the potato soup with a piece of the sourdough bread. Dinner was 3 tacos: tortillas, meat, a little sauce & cheese. Skipped the sour cream. And only had one Coke today. Trying to make up for some of the bad choices. I did have one Tootsie Roll though. And half a bag of corn nuts.

Salty snacks are my downfall. I’m lucky because I’m much more of a salty than sweet person. My biggest problem is snacking at night. It’s just a bad habit that’s impossible to break. I don’t smoke or drink (hardly ever & always regret it when I do) anymore but when I’m reading or watching tv I have to be snacking, just to have something to do. I’m never actually hungry.

But at least it’s usually something salty that I crave. Sweets don’t do it for me. I do love chocolate, but usually just in its natural form & just a bite or 2 will satisfy me. The occasional cookie gets me, but only if it’s freshly baked. Storebought cookies and any kind of cakes or other desserts, do nothing for me. The husband bought me a cake for my birthday & I never even touched it. I think icing & frosting is disgusting.

I do occasionally enjoy a slice of fruit pie or cobbler or something like pumpkin bread or gingerbread, but cake has never been my thing. So its not hard to avoid sweets usually. But when I want to snack I always go for something salty & Dr. Oz says that water retention caused by salt is one of the biggest problems, so I may be doomed.

Day 10:  2 cups of coffee with stevia & almond milk. The rest of the corn nuts with a Coke. I was going to stick with a lite Caesar salad for dinner. But then the characters in the book I was reading were at a bar having chicken wings & beer & I had the most overwhelming craving for chicken wings, so I made the husband go out & get some (this never happens, but he was going out anyway & that’s his favorite food so I got lucky).

Do you ever do this? I’m not really a foodie or any kind of gourmet, but when I read about someone eating something that sounds yummy, then I just have to have it. That’s how I discovered pear & prosciutto pizza…mmmm. Anyway, I don’t really even like chicken wings. I think they’re very overrated, too much work for too little meat. I’ve never actually wanted to eat them before. But I was suddenly craving the spicyness. Is that how you spell that word? Weird. It doesn’t look right with a i or a y.

I only had about 6 wings, just enough to satisfy my spicy craving. And I never use the ranch dip on them. I did have a few fries too, but also some celery & carrot sticks to balance it out..LOL.

The good news is that I’ve got my workout down now. I can keep up with the video & don’t have to cheat on any of the exercises anymore, not even the horrid tummy tucks. I haven’t skipped a single day, even when I really didn’t feel like doing it. I even do a few extra & added the optional weights to the squats. I’m no longer sore at all (hooray!) & I no longer think Jackie Warner is the devil. In fact, it’s getting a little boring listening to her say the same things over & over day after day. I may have to start switching it up with another workout DVD. I do like her though, because she can’t seem to count. When she says “Give me 4 more” or 3, or whatever, it always ends up being a couple less. I really like that 😉

The weight is still pretty much stuck though, and even seems to go up a few pounds some days. Very discouraging, & this is why I usually decide it’s hopeless & just give up. I really need to get a grip on my willpower & start eating better. Then maybe if I can stick with it long enough I’ll finally see some results. At least I hope so.


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