OOTD: H&M Style


Waiting to take my boy to Laser Tag (I’m not playing 🙂 ) Can you believe this H&M tunic dress is only $15? It’s my latest favorite. Want to wear it every day.

H&M has the best dresses on the planet right now. There are at least 5 that I MUST have.

Suede thigh-high boots from Urban OG. Studded belt from Forever 21. “Charm” necklace from Macy’s.

BTW, did you guys grab anything from the Alexander Wang collaboration? Personally, I decided it really just wasn’t my style. I like sporty-inspired fashion, but that was just a little bit TOO athletic looking for me. I thought a lot of it was kind of ugly, actually. There were a few pieces I would have worn, but not for those prices. Went online this morning just to look & see how they were selling & there were quite a few items still available, although some were already sold out. Looks like now there are just a couple pairs of leather pants left. I guess somebody liked it all! I heard the site crashed for a while and that there were some fights in-store, but I didn’t see anything to get that excited about myself.


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