Catching up with Project Runway All Stars Season 4

Well, I wasn’t sure if I was going to blog about the All Stars season. Of course I’m watching, but I wasn’t that into it, and honestly, I just needed a break from staying up half the night every Thursday. The first episode really didn’t give me anything to get excited about, either. But I have to say, I did enjoy week two. Who can resist an unconventional challenge? And I have to admit, I thought almost everyone came up with some really good looks. I’m not going to recap the whole show, but here are a few thoughts so far:

I really liked Dmitri during his original season and was glad he won. He seems a little bit full of himself on this show though, and so far hasn’t lived up to his own high expectations. I also thought it was kind of shady the way he copied Chris. I mean, I know they have different styles, but he really did make the exact same top. Although Chris shouldn’t have used that for a cop-out as to why his look was so bad. I don’t know why the judges were liking that skirt, either. I thought it was the worst part.

Michelle is another person who has always kind of had an attitude, but I liked her in spite of it because she makes amazing clothes. That isn’t working out so great for her so far though, is it? The judges have really been hating on her. I feel kind of bad for her. The suede leather dress she made in the first challenge was okay, although it wasn’t that exciting. But I did like the striped dress she made in the second challenge, & the judges did not. At all.

I was sad to see Patricia go on the very first challenge. Yes, what she made was pretty awful and she probably deserved to be out. But I really like her style usually and she was one of the few that I was actually excited to see what she would create this time around. Too bad we won’t get to see more from her.

Alexandria is yet another designer who is really hard to like, although I kind of do. She has such a bitchy exterior & is so full of herself, but I actually gravitate towards those kinds of people because they’re real, no BS. And then, remember how she works with those under-privileged kids, so she does have a heart of gold underneath. And she’s a great designer. Although not last week. That look was bad. Too bad to let her slide through & we had to say good-bye to her, too.

If I had to pick a favorite I’d like to see win, it would be Fabio. I think he’s kind of amazing, as do the judges, apparently, since he won the first challenge. Although I can’t overlook Justin, either. It’s really hard to choose between the two of them. I thought Justin deserved to win his season. I loved his final runway collection. And the dress he won the second challenge with was incredible. He has such a great imagination.

Gunnar gets on my every last nerve. I just can’t stand his voice & overly flamboyant histrionics. I hope he goes soon. And there’s something about Benjamin that just has never really quite rubbed me the right way. He’s okay, but just not my cup of tea. And everybody hates Kate, right? How many times is she gonna be on this show? Enough, already.

To be honest, I don’t really remember much about anybody else on the show. I think it’s because they all came from that awful season where everything was a team challenge, so we never really got to see their work individually much. All I know is, that girl Sonjia is really freaking me out with her blue lips. WTF? Really bad choice, girl. Really bad. Looks like she’s been blowing Papa Smurf.

I was impressed that the quality of the guest judges was so much better on this show than on the regular PR season. I mean Elie Tahari  and Betsey Johnson — legends. And at least Ivanka Trump does know fashion. These are the people who should be judging a fashion competition. Not a bunch of second-rate actresses & tv personalities nobody’s ever even heard of. But then they had Snooki and J Woww on. So I guess I got happy too soon. Ugh. Can’t believe they had the gall to put them on the same stage as Mr. Tahari. He should have left.

Well, we’ll see what happens this week. If it’s worth writing about, I will. Enjoy! Can’t wait to see Betsey. Have loved her forever!


One thought on “Catching up with Project Runway All Stars Season 4

  1. You pretty much echoed my sentiments re this season of Allstars. What designer is going to take comments from Snooki and J Woww seriously? I couldn’t believe they were on the same stage as Tahari. So far no one has really impressed me, although I’m not sure I understand the judge’s dislike of Michelle. I think she gets a lot of camera time because she’s very articulate and I find her funny.

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