DIY Glitter Booties

I am totally stealing this from Marie Claire, because it is just too cool not to share. These are their instructions for making a knock off pair of St. Laurent glitter booties. Here is the link to their original article: 

You’ll need:

A pair of boots

Super-fine glitter

Matte Mod Podge

A brush

Painter’s tape

Matte-finish clear acrylic spray

A container for mixing, preferably with a cover (plastic wrap also works!)

Step 1. Cover any areas you don’t want drenched in glitter with painter’s tape. Make sure to tape the soles, zippers, and as much of the insides as you think could be dripped on. Tip: Curves are easier to get around if you tear the tape into small pieces.

Step 2. Mix the Mod Podge with glitter. (We combined pink and purple for an iridescent effect.)

Step 3. Adjust the glue mixture until it’s saturated with glitter but still liquid. Stir well so the particles stay suspended, and keep the mixing container covered in between coats.

Step 4. Paint! This is the one time thick coats won’t adversely affect your product, so go crazy and slather it on. Don’t be horrified if your boots look like you’ve dipped them in Elmer’s Glue—the adhesivewill dry quickly, and it will dry clear.

Step 5. Add more layers of glitter glue. Repeat until shoes are to your liking. (Four was the magic number for us!)

Step 6. Once the boots are completely dry, stuff the openings with paper towels. Take them to a well-ventilated area, and coat evenly with acrylic spray.

I actually tried to make a pair similar to this that were modeled after the Miu Miu glitter booties a few seasons ago. I didn’t have any booties I was willing to part with though & couldn’t find a pair cheap enough, so I used a pair of sandals from the Goodwill. I also didn’t use Mod Podge, but just spray glue and lots of glitter. It worked pretty well. This is how they turned out:


Not quite the same, but I like them. I may try to do a pair of the booties, if I can find some cheap enough that I won’t mind coating them with glitter. Sparkle away, my friends!


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