Let Them NOT Eat Cake!


Lol…love Vivienne Westwood, but some might think this sounds a bit harsh. She apparently said that if people can’t afford to buy organic, they should just eat less. Still, she’s right in her point that processed foods are bad for you & should be avoided. It’s just common sense.

But really, does anyone shop at Whole Foods? Maybe if I were single & had a great job. That place is just ridiculously overhyped & expensive. I go in there maybe once a year to pick up a certain cheese dip that I love & haven’t found anywhere else. But for everyday groceries? I think it’s just dumb to spend more money than you have to on the same food. I’m all for healthy, but you can get it at Sprouts, Trader Joe’s & most grocery chains now for way, way less.

PS:  Why is she wearing chestnuts around her neck? Hope they’re organic.


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