All Stars Get Wicked

There were some beautiful gowns on the runway tonight. The challenge:  a face-off. The designers were divided into pairs, and one person in each pair was to design either a “wicked” couture gown or a “good” one, inspired by the Broadway show.

I thought Dmitri, Justin and Sam’s dresses were stunning, if maybe just a little bit predictable. Sam especially impressed me, as she started over more than halfway in and came out with a gorgeous dress. Those sequins were beautiful. And I did love all the details on Dmitri’s dress, too. Sometimes I think his are just a little bit too perfect, though.

Even Kate overcame her girly nature & made a really great wicked gown. It wasn’t one of the judge’s favorites though. She was only deemed safe. But I liked it.

Everyone thought this would be Chris’s challenge to run away with, but the judges hated his dress. It kind of really did look like a Hot Topic explosion. I appreciated the look of it and didn’t even mind the ripped t-shirt effect or the hot pink ruffle extravaganza. But it was way too costumey. He must have thought he was designing for the actual stage show.

I was underwhelmed by Michelle’s dress. She got away with it and was safe this week. Maybe I just didn’t see it up close enough to appreciate the details. Were there any? I also didn’t care one way or the other about Benjamin’s. I thought they were both boring.

I was torn with Fabio’s look. I liked the idea of it, but wasn’t crazy about all those straps hanging in the back. The judges said he didn’t conform to the challenge because it wasn’t a gown. But he got out safe, too.

Jay had something that looked really cool with a huge feathery bodice. I liked it as a piece of art. Not sure I would really want to walk around with all those feathers on my chest though.

Helen was extremely over-confident with her big ruffled monstrosity. She took so much time with those ruffles and probably did the most detail and worked harder than anyone. But why did she make that shelf sticking off the side of the dress? Just weird. Who wants to wear that? I agree with Betsey Johnson. If the whole skirt had been ruffled it would have been a lot prettier.

Bottom 3:  Fabio, Helen & Chris. Poor Chris. He got sent home already. He obviously doesn’t do his best work, and he is amazing, under pressure.

Top 3:  Sam, Dmitri & Sonjia. Let’s talk about Sonjia. That may have been the best dress I have seen on Project Runway ever. In a long time, anyway. It was so beautiful and so cool at the same time. I would die for that dress. And thank God, she got rid of the blue lips. I wish I was knowledgeable enough about design to describe it better. You just have to see it. I’ll post a pic as soon as they put one up. Sonjia won, of course. Very well deserved.

As promised, here is a pic of Sonjia and her winning dress, which is now on display at New York’s Gershwin Theater. At least it says that’s Sonjia. Wow, she looks so different! That pic really doesn’t do the dress justice, though. Here’s a better one:


Sonjia’s & Sam’s looks, my 2 faves.

It was a good show. I like that the All Stars shows only take up an hour. I have to admit, I do kind of miss the drama though. Not the fake drama, but we need to see more of what’s going on in the workroom as they’re struggling to complete the challenges. It just seems a bit dull, and I can’t really get excited about it, even when there’s a great runway like this at the end.

Because I just LOVE Betsey! I have an Asian print kimono-inspired dress of hers that was one of the first designer dresses I bought. Sadly, it doesn’t fit me anymore, but I refuse to get rid of it. Someday, maybe I’ll be able to wear it again. Or I’ll give it to someone I love who can.


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