What’s the Deal with House of DVF?

I would never say this show is a disappointment because any show that gives us access to a glimpse of DVF’s world & her wisdom is always worthwhile. However, except for those times when she herself is actually speaking, sadly, there is not much else of substance here.

The quality, and I use that word very loosely, of the contestants is just laughable. For the most part, they are compete idiots with no work ethic, common sense, discernible talent, the least bit of knowledge about the fashion industry or even sense of style. Where the heck did they come up with these people? I can’t imagine they were in any way actually chosen by DVF or her brilliant staff. Clearly, they must have simply responded to an open casting call by reality show producers & been chosen for their obnoxiously dramatic personalities alone, rather than any actual sense of style or talent.

If it weren’t for getting to hear from DVF herself, and my favorite parts, when her staff bust these girls’ balls for being so clueless, I would never watch this otherwise ridiculous show again. I can’t imagine how she could ever pick any of these idiots to represent her brand. I mean, most of them had never even heard of the Côte d’Azur, and one of them even said she thought it was a zoo! Okay, they’re young & a couple of them possibly show some promise of ambition & ability, but those are the ones who are so bitchy, how could you send them out into the world as a brand ambassador? Maybe they’ll learn & grow as the show progresses, but I’d say that’ll be a very long road to get to where they need to be. Good luck to DVF. She’s gonna need it.

Still, who am I to question her judgment? Maybe I’ll be surprised how it all ends up. I can already tell you that the girl they’re portraying as the underprivileged underdog from the wrong side of the tracks is going to win. She’s clearly been DVF’s pet from the beginning, despite being completely incompetent. But I can also assure you that if she manages to transform enough to actually earn the position, not only for this silly show, but in real life, then the whole inexperienced & clueless act was all phony from the beginning.

Remember the show Running in Heels, about the 3 girls competing for an internship at Marie Claire? I loved that show. They all had issues too, but at least it seemed real & believable. I was  hoping this show would be similar. Sadly, not so.

I admire DVF tremendously & will always respect her. I  applaud her efforts to give opportunities to girls trying to break into the fashion world & love how she empowers women, but I’m not sure getting involved in the ever-increasingly vacuous world of reality tv was the best way to spread that message.


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