Welcome to My Closet


So, since I’ve been showing you pictures of everybody else’s amazing closets, I guess it’s about time I show my own. It isn’t nearly as incredible as I’d like it to be, but I’ve tried to make the most of what I’ve got. Sure do wish it had windows & some seating though. This is one half of the closet. I’ve papered the top with some wrapping paper that I liked and added shoe display shelves underneath the hanging racks.

And here’s the other half of the wardrobe:


I use the baskets for bras & undies. They’re sitting on a hope chest, which is storage space for out of season things.

Here are the rest of my shoe shelves. These were cardboard book displays which I took from a former merchandising job. Much better for shoes, in my opinion.


Here is my mood board of outfit inspiration and a hanging rack for bags:


And here is some behind-the-door storage, and the other part of my “wallpaper,” which used to be a daily shoe calendar.



I hope you have enjoyed this tour of my closet. It’s a bit overstuffed, as you can see, so here’s the good news. I have decided to weed it out and sell some of the items I no longer wear. I’m going to create a page on the blog so you will be able to see what I have for sale. In the meantime, check out seller keithandanitascloset on Ebay.com, where I am listing items for sale. I’ve started with this amazing Rodarte for Target sequin dress, size Medium, which I bought just because I wanted the Rodarte label, but never wore:


I’m starting the auction at $30, with a Buy It Now price of $40, plus shipping. It’s live now, so check it out on Ebay if you’re interested!

I’m just getting started, but there will be more auctions coming soon, including more clothing, some shoes, bags and jewelry.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to My Closet

  1. Thank you, thank you for sharing your happy closet! Most sincerely, it made me smile during a holiday season that appears to be peaking towards an extraordinarily sad one.

    Off point, I want to say I’ve found House of DVF perversely entertaining. In a good way. E! would hate hearing this, because she is so not in their target demographic group, but my 85-year old mother adores it. If you hadn’t blogged about it, we wouldn’t have found something to share a mutual laugh over.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Liked by 1 person

    • What a touching comment. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m happy to know that my closet can bring a smile to others besides me. Sending good thoughts & prayers your way that the holiday will be better.

      I love that you are watching DVF with your mother. How wonderful. The show is a strange blend for sure. It’s ridiculous, yet inspiring at the same time. I have decided that Diane is laughing & shaking her head at these girls with us. Love to watch the crazy drama! So glad you’re both enjoying it, too.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you, too. Hope you have a lovely holiday.


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