Catching up with House of DVF

So, are you guys still watching this show? It’s (one of) my guilty pleasure. DVF is so amazing, and as I’ve said before, the brattiness and ineptitude of the girls on this show competing to be her brand ambassador never ceases to amaze me. I do not see how she could possibly seriously hire any one of them to represent her brand, so I cannot take this competition seriously.

That being said, I was wrong in my previous prediction that Tiffani, the poor girl from the Bronx, was going to be the winner. I thought they’d really play up that underdog angle more, but she got dismissed fairly early on. She did get offered a sales job by DVF though, so she’s definitely a winner. Lenore also got offered the chance to interview for a sales position when she was ultimately sent home last week. She’d better go into sales, because I don’t think her dreams of becoming a stylist are going to pan out. She doesn’t really have the eye or taste for it, and that’s putting it mildly.

So we’re down to the top three and next Sunday we find out the ultimate winner. Will it be Brittany, Kier or Amanda? I still don’t think any of them are really up to it, but if I had to choose out of those three, I am definitely rooting for Amanda. She is the only one who seems halfway sane, put together, smart and somewhat professional. Kier and Brittany have given us glimpses of potential. Sometimes they can be really smart and have great ideas, but they just can’t get past their own weaknesses enough to let their talent shine. They are smart, creative girls, but both of them have too many self-esteem issues and act way too bitchy to ever succeed or be taken seriously. I hope they learn a lot from this experience and go on to improve their attitudes so they can succeed in the fashion world. Heck, they’ve both done a whole lot more than I have, and at only half my age, so I can’t judge. I just hope that time and experience help them overcome their mental issues.

Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see how the show turns out. It was worth watching just to get to know the über-stylish Jessica Joffe and Stefani Greenfield. Oh, to be one of them! In my wildest dreams. Good luck, Amanda!

And finally, even though this wasn’t great tv, it’s always worthwhile to have an excuse to post photos of my idol — the amazing, inspiring DVF.


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