Great Christmas Books for Readers Young & Old

I have a huge box full of Christmas books I’ve collected from my own childhood and for all my kids. I pulled out some of my favorites to display this year, and thought I’d share them, as they would make wonderful gifts for anyone to share with friends and family. So here are my faves:

This is one of the first Christmas books I remember owning. Mine is falling apart, but I still love it. It’s a great story about how a mischievous little puppy and his forest friends bring Christmas to his family. Mine has a price tag on it that says 60 cents, which gives away my age (it’s from 1973). You can buy your own hardcover copy from $0.99 on Amazon here: 

This is an accurate reprint, with original text and illustrations of the now-famous story written by Robert L. May for Montgomery Ward Co. in 1939. Everyone loves Rudolph. Get your own reproduction on Amazon, from $11.32 for a hardcover version:

Another one of my childhood favorites. Remember scratch and sniff? This book lets you smell along with Little Bear as he experiences all the sweet smells of Christmas, his mother’s pies and gingerbread cookies, the tree, hot cocoa, candy canes and the orange in his stocking. Mine is so old that most of the sniffy labels have fallen out, but I still try to smell them. Get a new hardcover copy from $8.09 at Amazon:

The Grinch is another one of my all-time favorites. I love the cartoon even more. It never fails to make me tear up at the end. Get a hardcover copy of the original Dr. Suess classic from $9.45, or paperback from $4.13:

If you really want a global intellectually stimulating read, get it in French! A hardcover copy is $11.14:

In this cute and funny story, Santa gives the animal kingdom all a turn at trying to pull his sleigh. This must be a super-popular and hard to find book, because most of the copies I found on Amazon and Barnes & Noble were very pricey. You can buy a used paperback copy through the Barnes & Noble Marketplace for only $3:

A more modern classic that my kids always liked, about a little dog who thinks she’s a reindeer because her name is Olive. Cute. Paperback from $2.36:

A cool book with awesome animal-themed holiday illustrations.  Sure to please hipsters of all ages. Hardcover from only $0.01:

Another of my all-time favorite stories that I still love to re-read. The Herdmans remind me of the Glossner family on The Middle. Hilarious story. I prefer the original version on the left, but that is a first-edition copy selling for $30. Get the one on the right in paperback from $4.24:

IMG_1781 IMG_1780

This is a pop-up book with very few words, but incredibly fun detailed illustrations. It opens up and ties cover-to-cover to make a real four-roomed Santa’s workshop. I’m using mine as the centerpiece on my dining room table. The kids used to love looking at it for hours. Amazingly, you can get one for only $0.46 on Amazon:

Okay, so this is not actually a Christmas book, but I’ve gotta give a plug to my favorite author, and person in general, Keith. I’ve been meaning to write a review of this book since it first came out. Actually, did I? Maybe. Anyway, even if I didn’t love Keith so much, I would have loved this book. It’s a beautiful story of a boy’s relationship with his grandfather and what he learns from him that inspires him for life. Even if you don’t care for the Rolling Stones’ music (in which case, you’re a moron & get off my blog) any music-lover or person who has fond memories of a loved one will enjoy this book. It’s a great story for kids, too, with lovely illustrations by Keith’s daughter, Theodora. It’s inspired me to want to write a book about my own Grandma, which is another project simmering on the back burner.

Oh, and the best part:  the book includes an audio CD of Keith himself reading the story. OMG, who could ask for anything better to send you into dreamland at bedtime?

Get a hardcover copy from $10.92:


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