Must Have: Jewelry for the Zombie Apocalypse

zombie necklace

Doubt not, the zombie apocalypse is coming, my friends. I can’t say exactly when, but I believe that someday we will be living in a post-apocalyptic world, and when that time comes you’re going to need a good partner by your side. Choose carefully, and make sure he or she is handy with a weapon. And no, you cannot have Daryl Dixon, because he’s already mine. CLAIMED!

Anyway, when you decide on your valuable sidekick for facing the dismal eternity, it’s a good idea to claim yours with something like this stainless steel necklace, personalized to proclaim that this is your partner, so everybody else – hands off!

My son ordered this necklace as a Christmas gift for his girlfriend (both huge Walking Dead fans, of course) and I love it so much that I’ll probably get one for myself. There are several different variations, chain lengths and charms available, and you can have them personalized in any way you choose.

These are handmade by Trisha Meyers at CompletelyWiredJewel:  on She did a fantastic job and I cannot recommend her shop highly enough.

I was a little bit concerned ordering it as a Christmas gift, because although I have had many good experiences on Etsy, I have had one that was difficult, too (at a completely different shop). Since the jewelry is hand-stamped and was shipping from Illinois to California, and my son didn’t pick it out until only a couple of weeks before Christmas, I was afraid it might not arrive in time. However, Trisha had it made and shipped within only a couple of days, and updated me right away with this photo of the item when she had shipped it. It arrived very quickly, in plenty of time for Christmas.

Everyone was very happy with the purchase, and I will definitely shop here again and recommend it to everyone else, too.

It’s the perfect thing to designate your affections and protection in the post-apocalyptic world. Just hope that your head doesn’t get whacked off.

In other shipping news, I had a weird experience with H&M over the holidays. I placed two separate orders with two separate shipping addresses, and for some reason, H&M took it upon themselves to combine the orders into one shipment to one address. I double-checked everything, and the mistake was definitely on their part. Granted, I placed them back to back, within minutes of each other, but they were definitely two separate orders, with separate order numbers, confirmations and addresses, so not sure why they did that.

And then something even weirder happened. The package, which was supposed to be two separate packages, one item for me and one a gift for my mom, got shipped to my mom’s address, but then somewhere along the way it just disappeared. I was able to track it for a while, but it seemed like it was going weird out-of-the-way places and taking a long time. Then it just stopped moving altogether and never showed up or was marked as delivered. I finally contacted the USPS in January to open an investigation but they were unable to tell me what happened.

I don’t know if this was a mistake by the post office, or if H&M did something wrong with the shipping address, but I strongly suspect the latter, since they were supposed to have sent two separate packages in the first place. Anyway, about a week after I contacted the post office, a credit for the purchase amount showed up in my bank account. So I can only assume that the package eventually got returned to H&M or they were notified by the PO that it was lost. But I never received a phone call, an email or any kind of explanation from them. Just a refund out of the blue. Can’t say much for their (nonexistent) customer service.

And I assume I will never get that Christmas tree mat or my mom her candleholders. Too late now, anyway. I have ordered from H&M before and not had a problem, but I am definitely leery now of ordering online from them again, esp. during the holidays. I wish they sold their home goods in-store.


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