The Girl in the Green Dress

Every girl has that one piece of clothing in her lifetime that defines her, or at least her at some significant moment in time. Becky Bloomwood in the original Confessions of a Shopaholic (my fictional soulmate/self), liked to think of herself at the girl in the green scarf. Just call me the girl in the green dress.

It was 1988 and I was a freshman at a college I didn’t really want to be at. All my life I’d had dreams of leaving home, moving to an exciting city and living a glamorous life with a fabulous career. But when the time came to apply to schools, I was stupidly obsessed with some boy, who was a year behind me so still in high school, and couldn’t stand the thought of leaving him. So I chickened out of life and chose to attend college in my hometown. Of course, we broke up even before graduation. I just want to choke myself at how stupid I was back then.

Anyway, so I showed up to Algebra 101 one day in a little green… I want to call it a jumper, but a dress, I guess. Not a jumper like the Brits call a sweater, but it was a miniskirt that came up to become just a strip of fabric that went between my boobs and then attached to faux leather straps that went around the neck & over the shoulders. Of course, I wore a t-shirt underneath. I know it sounds horrific, but at the time it seemed really sexy & cool and I was 18, so it probably was. I want to say it probably came from Merry-Go-Round, remember that store?

It did catch the attention of one particular guy in that math class and we ended up talking and having a brief fling for a bit before we drifted apart and I eventually (after just one semester) dropped out of school altogether. That place was never going to be the right fit for me, and sadly, as has been the theme of my life, I was much more into recreational interests than anything more ambitious.

Anyway, over 15 years later, now married and a mom of 4, I rediscovered my old flame on Facebook and the first thing he mentioned was that green dress! I had never even given it another thought myself, since at some point among my various cross-country moves and wardrobe overhauls (thank God!) it became lost or discarded. But for a guy to remember it after all those years, it must have made quite an impression, which was sweet and a much-needed ego boost!

So, tacky as it was, that green dress was a winner. Wish I still had it, or at least a pic, but I didn’t go in for pics much in those days (still don’t, which is why I suck at blogging). Anyway, I’m proud to be remembered as the girl in the green dress. By at least one person, anyway! 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Girl in the Green Dress

  1. What a delightful, short short story! No picture required–you described the little green dress perfectly. You do not suck at blogging. And thanks for the priceless Keith post too. Reminded me of how an old tomcat will pop an annoying kitten on the head when he ‘s tired of toying with it.

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