When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best (Down the Runway) – Recap, Season 14, Episode 2


I’m so excited about the unconventional challenge! Let’s get going. At first, I think that making a dress out of cards doesn’t sound quite as challenging as some past unconventional materials – food, flowers, hardware – I mean, at least they’ve got some flat surfaces to work with and paper is easy to cut. Plus, they come with all those cute embellishments. But then when they say they only get 2 minutes to grab cards and 2 bags to stuff them in, that doesn’t seem like much time or much material to work with. I’m envisioning a lot of half-naked models on the runway. And they only have until midnight to finish. Yikes.

Everyone’s being all happy/sharing with their cards in the workroom. Except Edmond. He is being focused and secretive and doesn’t want anybody to know what he’s making, because he is here to play the game. He totally shuts Blake down when he tries to ask about what he’s making, and I feel a little bad for Blake. That is until he tells Swapnil that he doesn’t speak Indian when he can’t understand what Blake’s saying. Ooh. That went over like a lead balloon with everyone. Racism on the runway! Blake has made an enemy for sure in Swapnil, who as we will see, takes pleasure in putting down his creation throughout the episode. Blake tries to play it off like he just speaks his mind and is being adorable. Blake – it’s not. But I agree that I don’t think he really meant it deep down; he was just being flippant. Taking a cue from Swapnil and moving on.

Speaking of Swapnil, he’s talking about making something inspired by Alice in Wonderland – Alice on acid, he says. Well, that sounds amazing. One of my favorite books of all time. Can’t wait to see how he interprets that, although I’m a little worried that sticking flowers all over the outfit will be a little crafty and tacky. I made a lampshade like that once. But damn, with that smile, he can probably win me over.

Tim comes in for rounds, and Hanmaio has a weird-looking dress, and I just crack up when she says the model is going to pull a card out of the envelope front and center on her chest. What the hell? I’m thinking she’s completely whacked, but then Jake says the dress actually looks pretty good, and when I look closer, except for the card out of the envelope thing, yeah, it’s actually kind of interesting. We’ll see. But I hope she rethinks the performance art aspect.

David, who is now my favorite (since Blake is more annoying than I thought and didn’t live up to my expectations), is making a halter top out of cut-up cards which Tim calls constipated. Ouch. I didn’t think it was that bad. He said it was too arts-and-craftsy, but I mean, they’re supposed to be cutting and gluing pieces of cards, so what can we expect? He’s going to start over though.

Gabrielle has kind of shredded her cards into strips and is gluing them together and making a textile that I really like the look of. Tim approves. Amanda has some paper lace made into a top which looks really cool, but then her idea for a big poufy, exaggerated skirt Tim says is too challenging to pull off. He doesn’t think the cards will fit on it properly, so she has to rethink that. Blake is kind of lost and doesn’t know what to do with paper. He seems to be just gluing glitter all over his muslin (which Swapnil calls Vegas-y. Shouldn’t have made that crack, Blake). I don’t think that’s allowed. Where are the cards? He is really disappointing me. Where are the jellyfish, Blake? You promised me jellyfish.

At the end of the day, I love how Gabrielle’s dress is looking, and we finally get a peek at what Edmond’s been doing. Wow. Is that all made of cut-up paper? It’s a gorgeous gigantic 3-D skirt. It’s a paper bridal gown. Damn, he’s going to win this thing.

The day has deteriorated everyone’s attitude. They were all sweetness and sharing upon entering the workroom, but now the mean girl snark is coming out. Jake says Lindsey’s dress looks like wallpaper. Amanda calls Merline’s a manatee penis! That’s descriptive. Not sure I’d know what a manatee penis looks like. And Ashley says Gabrielle’s dress reminds her of a vagina. Lots of naughty body parts being channeled up in here. Although I don’t agree about the vagina similarity. I like the dress.

Edmond shows up the next morning dressed in a tuxedo t-shirt! OMG, how perfect could he be? He is for sure going to win. I am loving his attitude and attention to detail. From the glimpses I get before the runway, I also think Gabrielle, Swapnil, and maybe Candice will be on top. Candice has made an outfit of silver foil which I can’t decide if I really like or not. It’s cool, but then again, it might be a bit much. Joseph has some horrendous looking, huge, oddly-shaped pink skirt. No. And Swapnil is still making fun of Blake’s glittery dress. Nobody seems to like it, and I have to agree. Well, it is what it is. Runway time.


Swapnil’s skirt with the floral appliqués turned out to be amazing. I love it. Not so sure about the top though, or if they go together well.


Ashley has made a big poncho. I don’t hate it, but it looks way too stiff. The model can barely move and a poncho should definitely have movement. She looks like she’s wearing a big cardboard box, and just her little hands are poking halfway out the holes. Not feeling this. Zac looks very WTF?


I don’t understand Joseph’s outfit at all. I loathe this skirt. Again, boxy and unflattering.


I really like David’s jacket/dress. I love how he glued on the words “Hot Damn.” I’m worried though, that he just mainly used fabric. He started over so late, and was a bit lost. He finally just decided to make something that was his style, which it is, but he didn’t seem to have the time or energy to make it out of the cards.


Wow, Jake’s black glittery dress looks amazing. I had no idea he was doing this. It looks like fabric to me, and isn’t that supposed to be the point of the challenge? Well done. It’s not jaw-dropping, but it’s very pretty.


Candice’s silver dress is cool, but it’s just okay, to me. I’m impressed that she made it of cards, but I’m not loving the dress itself.


Hanmaio’s finished dress looks incredible. How did she get those envelopes to look like that? It’s like they were actually made into a real fabric. I love the colorblocking.  And yes, she does go through with having the model pull a card out of her boob envelope, but the dress looks amazing. I am wowed. She should be in the top. Zac and Heidi look like they like it.


I still love the pattern and the texture on Gabrielle’s dress. It looks great from the front, but when she turns around, the back is weirdly chopped off at the bottom. It looks too short and unfinished, like she ran out of time. It should have had the same longer, uneven hemline as the front.


Laurie’s gold dress is okay. I wish I could see the top closer up, because I caught a glimpse of it earlier and it looked really pretty. From here, all I can really see is a lot of gold, and I’m not crazy about the bell-shaped skirt with the big ruffled hem. It’s a bit much.


I think Blake’s looks like a big, glittery craft project. Fail. Again. What’s up with him?


I don’t hate Lindsey’s dress. It’s kind of interesting, but it seems too stiff and bulky. It makes her model look really fat.


Kelly’s is not my favorite. I know she put a lot of work into it and it’s impressive, but I think the fringed skirt reads a little hula, and I’m just not a fan of the little cropped top. Although the hood is cool.


I like Amanda’s top. Hate the skirt. What was she thinking? An obvious last-minute plan B effort.


I hate Merline’s dress. I don’t get manatee penis from it, but it’s ugly and looks like it could fall apart at any moment. In fact, I’m pretty sure the model is trying to hold it together on the way down the runway.


And of course, Edmond’s bridal gown is the wow moment of the show. It’s spectacular. Zac is grinning hugely.

Heidi calls out Swapnil, David, Blake, Amanda, Kelly and Edmond as the top and bottom. I can’t believe Merline’s not on the bottom, or that Hanmaio hasn’t made it to the top. Obviously, Edmond’s on top; he’s already won. Blake’s going to be on the bottom, and probably Amanda. And I’m afraid David will be, too, since he didn’t use enough cards. I think they’ll like Swapnil, and I guess Kelly, too, although I don’t really get that one.

Before they dismiss the safe ones, Heidi tells Ashley that she’s lucky she had immunity, because she didn’t follow the rules by using too much muslin. Uh oh. Not looking good at all for poor David. Plus, he had a touching phone call with his husband earlier. That’s pretty much the death knell on this show. I am 100% sure Edmond’s the winner, and I think , I hope, it’s Blake who will be out. But if I was picking the top three, I’d have put Hanmaio and Jake up there with Edmond.

Huh. When we come back from break, Heidi says there are four high scores and only two low. Wait a minute, the judges all really like Blake’s dress. WTF?! Zac says it’s like Easter, and apparently that’s a good thing. Oh, so this is how the judging’s going to go down this season. Damn.

<<Update>>Okay, with the perspective of a new day, and seeing the photos again, I guess Blake’s dress wasn’t that bad. I still don’t like all the glitter, but if he really did make it out of the inside of the cards, instead of just glittering on the muslin, that’s pretty impressive. I think I just got caught up in all the hating by everyone else yesterday. Peer pressure, man – it’s a bitch.

They also love Kelly and her hula skirt/halter top outfit. Sigh. Where is the taste level on this stage? Although at least Heidi and Nina do admit that there’s a bit too much going on in this look. But still, they really like it. I think both pieces individually are impressive, especially considering they’re made of cards. But I don’t care for the overall look.

Zac says Amanda’s skirt is frou frou and she thinks it’s a compliment. It’s not. They all like the top, hate the skirt, as expected. Nina says it’s too party supply store, a piñata. Heidi says it’s silly. Zac says Amanda would be great in a costume shop. Eww, that’s not a good thing.

And naturally, we’re all ga-ga for Edmond’s. That he was able to conceive of and execute this is just beyond. Even the bouquet she’s carrying is made of the cards! Wow. They love the volume and Nina especially loves that he made a special occasion dress and branded it with the Hallmark logo. Nobody could top this.

They all really love Swapnil’s too. Heidi calls it magical, Zac – wonderful, Nina- fantastic. Guest judge Ashley Tisdale wants to wear it. I do, too. The way he placed those floral appliqués was just right. Instead of looking crafty, it looks expensive. And I like the top a lot more now that I see it better, too. They love it all.

Heidi loves David’s coat, but of course, calls him out for using mostly muslin. Nina says it’s just okay. Zac likes the use of the letters, and Heidi argues pretty hard that he’s a great designer, but I don’t think that’s going to save him. Damn, all my favorites are dropping like flies. Not another one! All I can hope is that Amanda goes home. I feel bad for her, but I desperately want to keep David. And why isn’t Merline up here going home? Amanda’s wondering the same thing in the green room, as she’s crying because she says she’s angry that she’s on the bottom instead of some of the other looks that came from the trash bin (meaning Merline’s).

I have to say, that overall this was a fantastic runway. I was not disappointed with the unconventional challenge. So impressed by what everyone made, even the ones I didn’t really care for. I like to think I’m crafty, but that’s delusional. I have fantastic, creative ideas but my execution skills are pretty much zero. So hats off to all of them for doing this. I am wondering why nobody (except Swapnil) took advantage of all those great embellishments that came on the cards, though. Where were the jewels? Where were the bows? I would have totally used that stuff.

Well, hell hath no fury like judges who feel like you cheated the challenge, so poor David is out. I hate seeing him cry. Oh, and of course, Edmond won. Duh. I guess he’s my new fave, since I’m done with Blake. I hope that’s not the kiss of death for him.

Next week they’re going on a cruise ship. And it’s going to be a team challenge. This is where it gets good – showdown on the high seas – with scissors! So be sure and tune in!

I’ll try to add some photos of the runway looks tomorrow, if PR is good enough to post them again. Yay, they did! All photos courtesy of http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/project-runway.


2 thoughts on “When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best (Down the Runway) – Recap, Season 14, Episode 2

  1. Is Edmond this season’s Kini? His paper wedding gown was the only garment that honored the inspiration (greeting cards) as well as the (unconventional material) medium of the challenge. One of the few times I’ve agreed with a Nina observation. An unqualified win, I think. But…it’s Swapnil’s whimsical skirt that enchanted me. And made me imagine being 20 again, skinny and leggy enough to wear it over a leotard.

    Thanks for another delightful recap!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading! I agree with your comments 100%. There was never a doubt in my mind that Edmond was winning this challenge because he so perfectly captured every aspect of it. I appreciated the work that went into a lot of the designs, but I was also a bit surprised that he was the only one who really tried to construct something out of the cards, rather than just taking them apart and using elements of them. I adored Swapnil’s skirt, too. His placement of the embellishments could not have been better.


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