Shop Schoola – Save on Goodies and Earn Money for Schools


I forgot to mention the best part of my savings yesterday, but this deserves its own post anyway. If you haven’t yet heard, there is a website called Schoola, where you can shop for brand-name secondhand clothing for women and kids. While you’re saving up to 70% off retail prices on gently-used items, you are also supporting schools, because 40% of the proceeds on whatever you buy goes back to the school supported by the person who donated them.

I scored these Marc Jacobs heels for only $3 just over a week ago, and they arrived yesterday. Because I joined the site through a member link, I automatically earned a $15 credit to spend (and the member gets a $15 credit, too). Then I created a collection of items I liked in my kid’s size and earned another $10 credit. The shoes were $53 (a bargain for Marc Jacobs), but I saved $25 off with the credits, and then I used coupon code BACKTOSCHOOLA to save another 50% off, plus free shipping. So I got the shoes shipped for free for only $3. Genius!

This is a great way to get $50 worth of back-to-school clothes for free. Of course, you could also choose to spend it all on one great pair of shoes, but that’s just me. I was very happy with my purchase. The shoes are a little worn, of course, but overall in good condition. But that’s what you expect for a used item, and I certainly can’t complain for $3. The were shipped well-packaged in a sturdy box and came in this great dust bag.

I don’t think the coupon code I used is valid anymore, but they run discount and free shipping codes frequently on the Schoola Facebook page. They also have a lot of great contests and promotions, so check it out.

I also requested this prepaid donation bag, so i can fill it with my own used items to donate, and 40% of the profits will go directly back to my kids’ school. Just stuff the bag full of like-new, freshly laundered clothing for women and kids, then just leave it for your mail carrier or drop it off at the post office and it ships for free.


And for every $5 a customer spends on items I donate, $2 will go back to my kids’ school. What a fun and easy way to earn money for your school and clean out your closets!


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