What it’s all about

keith and anita close up

With this blog, I am simply creating my own happy place.  To me, no place could be happier than Keith and Anita’s closet, circa the late 1960’s through early 70’s.  I’m not just Keith’s biggest fan (although I am), but basically I want to BE Keith Richards, especially as he was then.  Nobody has ever had such style or coolness, ever.  And of course I include Anita because her fashion was fabulous too and the greatest thing about them was that their clothing was mostly androgynous and they shared it all.

Closets have always been my favorite places.  As a child, I used to love to bury myself in between the winter coats stored in my Grandma’s hall closet.  I can still conjure the lovely scent of that closet today.  It was a magical place full of wondrous things….floppy sun hats made of a Coca Cola fabric….bins made of the spines of magazines all glued together in a circle…..tons of boxes full of hundreds of slides of family photos.  My Grandma’s closet was my special place in the early 70’s.  But if I could choose to go back in time now, I can only dream of the wonders to be found in Keith and Anita’s closet.  And since it’s my dream, I’m going to fill it with whatever I want and imagine to be found there.  So feel free to relax and enjoy with me.

Also, you may find a bunch of strange and unrelated rambling posts because that’s just what my mind is like, and thanks in advance for your patience, as I’m new to this and just figuring this blogging thing out.

UPDATE:  What It’s All About, Part 2:  Confessions

There she was….sitting in the corner….a little bleary. Worse for the wear and tear.

I’ve been doing a little soul-searching this evening and some hard thinking about what I’m doing here. I started this blog just because it was something I had always thought about trying and so why not give it a shot? And I had a lot of time to waste at work. Then that job ended (totally unrelated, I swear) and so I had even more time. And then the latest season of Project Runway began, which was a good starting point for regular posts. I knew I could write a better recap and analysis of the show than any others out there, and I think I do.

It made sense to build on the Project Runway foundation and create a “fashion” blog for several reasons. Number one, I truly love everything about it. Number two, those were really the only kinds of blogs I was familiar with because they’re pretty much the only ones I’ve ever read. And number three, it was the only thing I thought I could offer opinions on that other people might actually want to read, because everything else in my deviant mind is pretty twisted and I don’t think many other people would actually appreciate it. I think I’m pretty funny. In fact, I crack myself up. But I don’t know if too many other people get my dark sense of humor. And those I know who do, already get the benefit of my blatherings quite frequently.

But lo and behold, thanks to the show’s popularity, my blog got readers! And a few followers, thank you so very much. When I saw the number of views start to climb beyond anything I had ever imagined possible (my expectations were pretty low) it kind of went to my head. Shit, I’ve had views from Qatar, Azerbaijan and Brunei Darussalam. I never even heard of that last place, unless it’s where the Sultan lives. Seriously, is that a country? Seems to have its own flag, so okay. Anyway, pretty exciting stuff for a newbie blogger, and all I could focus on for a while was how to keep it growing. I was obsessed with coming up with enough new and interesting content to increase my stats every day. And so obviously, it had to be popular stuff. This is where I hit a conundrum, because I’m not good at being popular. It’s nothing I’ve ever sought out before.

In order to stay in the game, I thought I wanted and needed to emulate all the well-known fashion blogs out there who have thousands of followers. So I’ve been trying. I added a few “beauty” posts, though that’s really not my thing. I tried to pose for those stunning OOTD shots that make up their daily posts. That part didn’t go so well. I  look okay, but I’m not a 20-something with a model’s body, perfect hair or naturally photogenic. So sue me. And honestly, I am just not that excited about getting dressed up just to spend my day trying to find the perfect background to make the perfect photo of an outfit. I’d rather spend my days reading a good book while trying to achieve the feeling of living in Nellcôte. Sometimes I’m pretty successful (without the smack). I’m not knocking what other bloggers do, they do it very well and look great. But it seems a little shallow and superficial after a while. And that’s not really me. I’ve tried to keep my posts lighthearted, fun and inoffensive, but honestly, it rings a little false . There has to be more under the surface to keep me interested.

And I’ve just realized, that’s ok. My blog doesn’t have to be the same as everyone else’s. I am going to put in my closet exactly what I said I would in the beginning:  exactly whatever I want, and if anybody else doesn’t like it, too bad. Yes, I love fashion and I will always love showing and talking about it. But I will never have perfect hair,fingernails or photos. And despite what my husband and sons love to tell me, I have spent considerable time studying my rear view in the mirror and no, I do not have a JLo, Nikki or KK butt, which is another reason I am not famous. I will never take a good selfie. I will never showcase daily designer outfits, solely because I cannot afford them. I think I do a pretty excellent job of finding look-alike versions on the cheap, though, so those you will continue to see plenty of.

I will never be politically correct, so you will never see politics on my blog. I don’t get a thrill out of arguing pointlessly with dumbass strangers on the internet. That’s my husband’s department. I tend to speak my mind and have intentionally limited my internet presence up till now because I also tend to offend and I won’t apologize for it. To quote Chris Robinson, “I know one million ways to always pick the wrong thing to say.” And I know it’s wrong, but I can’t stop myself because it’s just too good.

The Stones are my religion, and you’ll see plenty of that. When I am by myself in the car at night, just driving with the windows down and Sister Morphine blasting, that is when everything is right with my world and I am happy with who I am and anyone who doesn’t get it can all just kiss off into the air. Yes, I’m mixing genres, suck it. Or when I pull out the old crate of LPs and dig into the Velvet Underground and REM until I cry because I’ve wasted another year.

In short, I am weird and shit on this blog is probably going to get a lot weirder. So like it or leave it. I am nitty gritty and my shirt’s all torn. But I would love to spill the beans with you till dawn.


4 thoughts on “What it’s all about

    • Thank you so much, Jo! It’s very much a work in progress. I’m still learning & basically just posting whatever crazy nonsense comes into my head. Thanks for your kind words, I’m really glad somebody likes it!


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