My Style Icons

  • Keith Richards, obviously for all the reasons mentioned before
  • Anita Pallenberg, ditto
  • Lorelai Gilmore
  • Schiaparelli…the original creative genius.
  • Nancy Spungen
  • All of the women in The Devil Wears Prada.  I’ve recorded the opening scene of everyone getting dressed for work and watch it obsessively.
  • Danerys Targaryen
  • Daryl Dixon. I must have that Indian poncho. I will kill the Terminusians (Termites? Termi?  Terminarians? whatever) to get it back.
  • Debbie Harry
  • Free People designers — how do they read my mind and know exactly what I want, if only I could afford it?
  • All those girls in the Ralph Lauren commercial preceding Downton Abbey
  • My Grandma — Although I wouldn’t choose to imitate her particular fashion sense (bit too matronly for my taste) my wonderful Grandma had a fabulous style, the epitome of a casual, laid-back, yet always perfectly put-together vibe.  She had  clip-on earrings to match every outfit, and she always looked ready to enjoy a day at the beach, her favorite place.  And she made the most fantastic Barbie doll gowns, all sewn by hand, so the fashion sense was certainly there inside.  Sigh…. wish I still had those.  It has just occurred to me that my Grandma is obviously the reason for my fashion obsession.  I owe her so much and miss her dearly.

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