Meet Your Designers: Project Runway, Season 14


I’m back bitches! Did you miss me? Probably not, but if you’re reading this, then you probably missed Project Runway as much as I did. Although I have to say, thank God they gave us a bit of breathing room between seasons to miss it again. With the All Stars and the kid designers and all that going on back to back to back, it was just too much and I was a bit burned out on it all for a while. So glad to be back, though.

I hope this brings back some of the awesome readers I had last year. I apologize for dropping the ball on my blog. I just got busy and a bit burned out on it, too. And let’s face it, there wasn’t anything else on TV worth blogging about. I do love me some reality shows, but there’s nothing worth saying about the housewives that doesn’t get said on-air. And I don’t go in for competition shows, other than PR. I don’t want to see a bunch of weirdos living in a house together or fake-starving on some island (is that show even still on?) and I have zero interest in watching a bunch of has-been or wannabe celebs dancing around. Ugh. Unless they get Keith Richards, Norman Reedus and Gary Busey to sign up, I’ll never be watching that show. But that would be amazing.

Anyway, I am off topic already, sorry. So Project Runway! Season 14. I think they mentioned on air tonight that the first season was in 2004, the year my son was born. He just turned 11, so 14 seasons – yeah, that tells you how overscheduled they were. Let’s start with the Road to the Runway preview, and get to know our new pack of designers, shall we?

First impressions – It’ll be fun to see how they match up with the outcome in the end.


Candice from San Fran. Poor little spoiled rich girl trying to be edgy. The ubiquitous rocker/leather motorcycle mama looks that some chick has to put out there each season. I kind of want to hate her, but that’s mostly because I’m so jealous of her house and closet. But then when they show her talking about her kids, I completely change my mind and decide she’s sweet. Not that impressed by the clothes she showed. Like I said, just the same old leather looks. But I did kind of like that one with the metallic skirt. We’ll have to see if she can do anything else.  (Update: BTW, now wondering if she’s related to Kaley Cuoco of Big Bang Theory?)


Kelly from Boston. Now this is my kind of girl. I liked her attitude, loved her creativity. That belt with the pieces of yarn stuffed in it sounds like something I would do, only if I did it, it wouldn’t have worked. I like her style and can’t wait to see what she does this season.


Ashley from San Diego. Ok, I don’t want to be mean. She’s a lovely girl, and her story is heart-wrenching and I totally applaud what she’s doing. I’m sure she’s very talented, but I did not care for the clothes I saw on that rack and don’t really get what the judges were impressed by there. Feeling like her story is the main reason she’s in. Sorry, but that’s just my opinion. Also, wondering, if she makes plus-sized clothing, will it be difficult for her to fit on those PR skinny models? I do like her personal look, though, so maybe she does have something going on there that those few looks just didn’t show.


Joseph from Vegas. Wow. Those clothes are perfect, elegant, amazing. And he works for Louis Vuitton?! In Vegas? How’s that happen? I wasn’t aware they had an atelier there. Maybe he’s a salesman at the Caesar shops. Or maybe I just know nothing. Extremely impressed by the tailoring of his clothes, although they were a little too perfect and not very different, in my opinion. And nobody’s wearing those fabrics in Vegas. I have a feeling he’s going to come out on top here, though. The man can clearly sew, and his taste is impeccable. I like his attitude, too. He thinks he’ll be edited to come off as a total bitch, and then he says that’s accurate. LOL, I can relate.


Jake from San Fran. He strikes me as a bit insecure. I liked his clothes, especially those cuffed pants and the floral suits. I love things with unexpected details like that. And I loved his apartment. Seems like time management could be an issue for him.


Blake from LA. Okay, he had me at jellyfish. He designed his collection around my absolute favorite creatures, and it was as amazing as they are. That puffy kimono thing – Ah-ma-zing. And the rest was cool, too. Love, love, love him. Calling winner now. Write that down. Oh, I just did. He’s a bit full of himself, but it looks like he has a right to be.


Amanda from Florida. Apparently got kicked off before she even got to make anything on Season 9. They showed her sitting in a pile of luggage and then getting sent home. I totally don’t remember that. Is that really how it happened? She didn’t even get to sew one piece? That doesn’t seem fair. Anyway, I like her attitude. She’s cute and sassy, like Mondo said, and it looks like her clothes will be, too.


Edmond from Atlanta. Says he’s been auditioning since Season 1. Damn, now that kind of tenacity is impressive. I loved that leather jacket he showed in his closet. I’m not so sure about what he brought to the audition. Intrigued, but not totally sure that’s my taste level. I have a good feeling about him, though. We’ll see.


Merline from Savannah. Hmm. Architectural. Interesting. Too minimalist for me, and I don’t care for all white. I like blingy, fancy schmancy over-the-top. Things that make you go “Wow!” Why didn’t she show clothes with some great patterns like that top she’s wearing? If she made that, then she’s definitely got potential.


Swapnil from Mumbai. I was very impressed with the level of detail and the construction of his clothes. Perfection. And the fact that he studied in Italy. The clothes themselves, well, they’re just not my taste. I know there are people who love that sort of look, but to me it’s kind of tacky. And this guy needs a nickname, quick.


Hanmiao from China, now New York, I think. Says to call her Pistachio, thank goodness. I’m not so sure about her clothes. They’re very different, I’ll give her that. Whether or not I like them, too soon to tell.


Duncan from New Zealand. Well, first of all, he has my son’s name, he’s a straight male designer and he has an awesome accent, so I love him right off the bat. I think his knits look amazing, and those pants with all the straps and buckles, wow. His stuff looks very cool. But will he have time to do things like that in the workroom?


David from Belgium, now Hollywood. Yes, another hot designer! I know he’s gay, but that doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy looking at him. He has a very cool street style, which really isn’t my thing, but I respect it for what it is. He seems to be very good at it. I like his playfulness and creativity. And he’s so cute.


Lindsey from Texas. Her clothes look very well made. That’s all I can say. They are way too minimal for my taste, and look like some basics I could pick up at Macy’s. I can tell they’re very high quality, but they bore me.


Gabrielle from New York. She showed one plaid dress that I really loved. And that minimalist coat, I actually quite liked, too. Nothing else she showed impressed me though, except her closet. Most of it looked too plain.


And finally, we have Laurie from Chicago. She wants to be known for designs that are classy and elegant. So where are they? I don’t care for her choice of fabrics. To me, they look tacky and cheap. She reminds me of Char from last season. I don’t get her taste level. Or lack of it.

It’s early days folks, and I’m just judging the books by the covers they’ve shown, so don’t hate on me, yet. Or do, whatever. I could be totally wrong, and everyone’s tastes and opinions are different, and hey, we all know I couldn’t sew my way out of a paper bag, so I can’t judge. But I do, just because it’s fun.

Next post we’ll see if the first episode gives any credence to my predictions, or proves that I know as nothing as Jon Snow.

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